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Jamestown Survival Guide

No description

Nyah B

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Jamestown Survival Guide

There are several factors that you should consider before you pick a place to settle.
Survival Tip #2
Farming is key to survival. We spent a lot of our time searching for gold. It turns out, there wasn't any; pyrite, or fool's gold, was the only thing we found. (Gallery walk)
Survival Tip #3
It is important that there is a strong work ethic among the settlers. When we first settled, we were divided into two main groups: "gentlemen" and workers. These two groups show that there was an unequal work distribution. You need to make sure that everyone is doing the same amount of work as everyone else. There won't be enough food if only some of the people are farming/hunting.
During the first year of being in Jamestown, we
Jamestown Survival Guide
Survival Tip #1
Choose A Good Place To Settle
Make sure you're by a navigable source of water such as a river and near a safe port for your ships. (John Smith, #1)
The first time we tried to settle, we made a huge mistake. We chose a swamp that was home to mosquitoes with disease. (Textbook notes) We got diseases that killed off many of our people.
Make sure you're not settling too close to the American Indians; they might feel like you're invading them. This could spark hostile tension, which could ruin peace between us and them.
Settlers Work
Something that was ordered by the king was to observe the people; if they were healthy, the soil would be good. (John Smith, #1)
Unfortunately for us, we arrived at our destination at a bad time. It was past the time to plant crops. Plan accordingly; make sure to get here before it's time to plant so your people don't starve like we did. (Textbook notes)
Another problem with the farming situation was that the settlers weren't farmers. (Textbook notes) Make sure that some of the settlers are good at farming and can teach others to farm.
I think you should bring a variety of craftsmen along on the voyage. As mentioned before, farmers are necessary to avoid starvation of the colony. Also, carpenters are suggested to build houses, hunters to hunt for food
Survival Tip #4
Be on Good Terms with the American Indians
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