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Talk 4: New Heartbeats

Princess Diaries

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Talk 4: New Heartbeats

Lies about Woman's Desires

* You are not worth pursuing, not worth fighting for.

* You are not needed. You have nothing to offer.

* You are not beautiful; you don't have what it takes to inspire me.
Key Message 1:
Key Message 2:
No, you are not lovely. You are not captivating.

No, you are not lovely, because you were not taught how to be one, and you will never be one.

No, you are not lovely, you are not worth loving, you do not deserve my love.
Jesus heals our pierced hearts
#PrincessDiaries2014 #North #Central
Talk 4: New Heartbeats
Song of Songs 2:14
Lies about Woman's Design

* Mystery to be exposed or kept hidden

* Relationship to be used or denied

* Beauty to be exploited or to be veiled

Lies about God

* God chooses

* God is indifferent; He doesn't care.

*God is helpless, a loser.

Deepest question in a woman's heart:
Am I lovely?
Do you see me?
3 Core Desires:
1. Is my mystery worth revealing for you?
2. Do I offer you something that will make you pursue a relationship with me?
3. Do you appreciate and value the beauty I unveil?
Key message 3:
We have become desolate or dominating because we have allowed other people to answer these questions for us instead of allowing God to answer them for us.
Key message 4:
1. Invite Jesus in.
2. Renounce the lies you have believed.
3. Forgive yourself, others, and God.
4. Ask Jesus to heal you and answer your deepest question.
Take note of the questions you have asked others...
Who can you relate to,
1. Adulterous woman?
John 8: 3-11

2. Samaritan woman?
John 4: 5-29

3. Crippled woman?
Luke 13: 11-13
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