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Past Environments

No description

Lovana Daniel

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of Past Environments

Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria
Present Environments
Past Environments
Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria
Currently, nitrogen fixing bacteria live in the soil on roots nodules of plants and extract nitrogen from the air and make it available for plants as fertilizer. They play a major role in balancing the level of nitrogen in the soil and atmosphere
The Earth's atmosphere consists of 79% of nitrogen however this cannot be used by plants as the gas. Therefore, nitrogen fixing bacteria convert the N2 into a soluble compound to be used for the plants metabolic system.
Similar to the Early Earth, present nitrogen-fixing bacteria play the same role in converting the N2 into a usable form and often certain types of nitrogen fixing bacteria such as cyanobacteria can produce oxygen in the process which can be beneficial for aerobic processes in organisms.
Nitrogen- Fixing Bacteria
Nitrogen-Fixing bacteria play an important role in the nitrogen cycle and can be aerobic or anareobic, free-living or symbiotic. They are prime componenets in the process of Nitrogen Fixation (the transformation of nitrogen from the air to ammonia). This newly produced nitrogen can be used by plants and microorganisms as organic molecules.
The Early Earth was anoxic and therefore contained no free-existing oxygen molecules and therefore life could not exist. Furthermore, nitrogen-fixing bacteria such as cyanobacteria convert the unusable form of N2 in the earths atmosphere as a gas to produce other necessary components of life which could be used by plants. Therefore, the nitrogen-fixing bacteria must have been able to survive extreme environments as well as exist in environments lacking oxygen
When did Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria evolve?
Nitrogen fixing bacteria can be either aerobic or anaerobic and therefore evolved during the evolution of terrestrial plants, however the exact origin of the nitrogen fixing bacteria is unknown.
Where do Nitrogen- Fixing Bacteria exist today?
Within the present environment, Nitrogen fixing bacteria exist in soil, aquatic environments and also inside the gut of animals, therefore the conditions that the bacteria withholds varies accordingly
Diazotrophs is the term used to describe living organisms capable of fixing nitrogen, therefore converting unusable N2 into a usable form for plants
By: Sandra and Lovana
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