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Requirements for Sustaining life

No description

Nathan Rockhill

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Requirements for Sustaining life

Requirements for Sustaining life
There are 5 main requirements that living things need to survive.
Why do we need water?
Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide
Essential gases
Favourable Temperatures
How Much Water?
Living organisms need water to survive
Water in your body
transports food and chemicals around the body
helps get rid of waste
cools you down
Plants need water for:
transports nutrients and chemicals
Plants and animals both obtain energy from the food they eat
How animals eat
How Animals get food
Energy from food?
Living organisms need Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide to survive
Soil is essential to life because:
it contains nutrients
many animals live in the soil and feed on the nutrients in the soil
plants need these nutrients to grow and these are transported through the water in the soil
Favourable Temperatures
In order for planets to support life there needs to be an average temperature that can support liquid water
Earth's Average is 14 degrees Celsius
Thus water is a liquid at 14 degrees
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