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Henri-Claude Cosmetics

This is the presentation of the fourth activity: Case study Henri – Claude Cosmetics made by Leonardo Zabaleta, José Francisco Gaviria, Liliana Barrera. To the subject-matter: English of business

Liliana Barrera

on 20 November 2016

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Transcript of Henri-Claude Cosmetics

Henri-Claude Cosmetics
HCC Urban

United States, England, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, South Africa, Spain, Canada and Australia.

HCC Company should offer for sale their fragrance in emerging markets, as well as in countries with a high level of consumption and a high purchasing power per capita.

Countries chosen for the launch of fragrance
We have considered the new name to the fragrance: HCC Urban. Because Physique, isn't considered a brand that can generate a transformation of the product to the international market.
New name of the product:

HCC Urban
We believe that the age range can be extended from 20 to 40 years old, reaching a greater number of customers but also being exclusive for a selected group.
Age target to the product
HCC Company should keep the Physique fragrance as a premium product in their portfolio, however, the fragrance must be marketed it as a mass-market in order to gain a lot money and market share as well.
Position of the product
before called

Container of the product
We agree that the only change to be done was the color of the bottle. We chose the blue instead of black, in order to return the product more youthful and casual, but in the end still elegant
Pricing levels of the product
The pricing structure must be changed, hence, the HCC Company must lower the prices in 15% in all their products compared to the competition.
Distribution of the fragrance
To positioning the fragrance HCC Urban, We have decided sell the fragrance in exclusive outlets and fashion outlets that normally the casual people visits to buy a clothes.
International ambassador:
It have been considered that the international ambassador for the brand must be Bruno Mars; he is a young American singer of Pop music. He is successful, he looks casual and young.
New slogan:
Feel Young, Be Young
This slogan meet the elements that we have given to the fragrance, as the freshness and youth, being casual but stylish. Putting the most important characteristics of men between 20 and 40 years old.
Manufacture the fragrance in low-cost countries
As a team, we have made the decision of choosing India as manufacturing country of all our products, the main reasons are the quality in the end-product and the low-cost of their workforce.
Storyboard: commercial for the international launch
Presented by
Leonardo Zabaleta, José Francisco Gaviria,
Liliana Barrera
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