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EndNote Learning Byte

No description

Zoë Johnson

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of EndNote Learning Byte

Add content Automatically via Summon, databases such as Scopus or Business Source Complete, as well as Google Scholar

Import references in from PDFs you have saved

Manually add your own with helpful templates History Industry standard - most academic institutes have it and most resources interact well with it

Owned by Thomson Reuters, made by Adept Scientific (lots of connections/ knowledge/ reliability)

Currently on X6 (sixteen) - 4 was released in 2000

Our Library has been supporting it for over 6 years Introduction to EndNote Organise content
Group Tag

Attach files Search

....in one personal library

Link to EndNote Web (mini version online) Cite while you write Populate documents with citations and automatic reference list / bibliography

Choose from over 5,000 output styles
(including our favourite - APA 6th!)

Plugin toolbars for Word, Pages and OpenOffice Summary Strong points
Supported and backed up by the University
Lots of online support and training
Industry standard

Weak points
Buy your own copy for home use or learn different interface of EndNote Web
Looks old-fashioned and grey
Less stream-lined / flexible as browser based ones... but improving!

X7 due out in May 2013 the standard, the corporate, the reliable, the supported EndNote by Zoë Johnson

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