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1960's web quest

No description

brayden campbell

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of 1960's web quest

1960's web quest
1960 corvair
Here is a picture of a 1960 corvair
1960 corvette
Here is a picture of a 1960 corvette
1960 madras shirt
This is a madras shirt
Here is a picture or a 50's/ 60's male pompadour
young Paul Newman
top 5 tv shows of the 1960's
The Andy Griffith show, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Ed Sullivan show and The Flinstones.
Two presidents of the 1960's
President Nixon and Johnson Gold Water
50's/60's male pompadour
Paul Newman was an actor
and he played football. He
was born in Cleveland, Ohio,
USA on 26-01-1925.

Top 5 bands of the 1960's
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,
The Who, The Beach Boys and the
Jim Hendrix Experience.
5 popular toys of the 1960's
5 popular toys of the 1960's were: The Easy Bake Oven, The Etch Sketch, G.I. Joes,
The Rock Em Sock Em Robots and Hot Wheels.
1960 Men's Pocket Watch $9.44, Automatic Can Opener $8.88, Oranges 89 cents for 2 dozen, Ford Mustang 2 door hardtop $2368, Oven ready Turkeys 39 cents per pound, Automatic Electric Blanket $9.94.
what are greasers
Greasers are the kids from the other side of the tracks. They are poorer and working class. They aren't auto mechanics yet. They use "grease" to slick back their hair.
the prices of 6 commonly used items in the 1960’s.
reasons a teenager in the 1960's will join a gang
A teenager in the 1960's might join a gang because they had family problems, needed a sence of security, or felt that the only way to escape their problems was through violence.
What were gangs in the 1960 's like
gangs in the 1960's were not the criminal organizations that they are now. They had a brotherhood and shared a common Identity that consisted of a group of working men with common Ideals.
slang from the 1960's
1A Gas-A lot of fun.
2All show and no go.-Referenced to a car that had all the pretty chrome goodies, but wouldn't get out of its own way.
3Ankle Biter-A baby or small child
4Ape-Used with "Go", "Gone" or "Went". To explode or go completely irate. Example: "When my parents saw my report card, they went ape.
5Bag-To Steal
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