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A Brave New World

No description

Alexandra Gillie-Hardy

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of A Brave New World

Suspense-Bernard's discussion with John confirms Bernard's suspicions about the Director.
Deepen Conflict-When Bernard finds out the truth about who John's father is, he is more determined to get revenge on the director.
Advance the plot- The advancement of the plot is caused by Bernard's plan.
Character Development-John tells Bernard about his flashbacks which consist of series of events in his life. For example, his mother's past relationships with many men. We learn more about John's character when he continues to retell his flashbacks to Bernard. John begins to act differently once he found out who his father was.

Character Development-Bernard's character completely changed when he went to the Savage Reservation with Lenina and then meeting John and Linda. His character undergoes a personal transformation from being lonely and a insecure boy to a more confident person when he returns to the World State
Savage Reservation vs The World State- The savage reservation represents a civilized society and the world state represents a uncivilized society because the savage reservation is a more culturally and socially developed society and the world state is just a controlled society where they have no freedom.
Irony-When the director meets Linda in the Fertilizing room, this is where they first met. At that time, it was the director's fertilization on Linda that caused this situation, he is responsible for all of this.

Chapter 8
Chapter 10
Important Themes
Civilized vs Uncivilized World
Relate Theme to the Novel
Similarity of two Individual - Bernard & John's identity
-Bernard and john have similar experience of being discriminated against, or a person against a society issue because of who they are, how they act, and their background.

Difference in Society - World State VS. Savage Reservation
-World State is completely different from the Savage Reservation because in the World State everyone belongs to everyone, and everyone's happy
- Savage Reservation - everything appeared to be opposite from the World State, because there is marriage, and savage
- The idea of everyone belongs to everyone doesn't exist in the reservation.

Cost of Happiness or ones desire of pleasure in the savage reservation
-Since the idea of everyone belongs to everyone doesn't exist in the savage reservation, when someone tries to take over someone's belonging there would be consequences to that individual.
-Linda getting beaten by the local woman when she sleeps with their man, because she do it for pleasure.

Brave New World
Chapters 8, 9 & 10
- Everything that the World State stands for is the exact opposite of how the savages society functions
- Their differences is mostly evident through Linda's character
- the idea of knowing one's identity comes into question with the introduction of John's character
Themes (Continued)
- John's perspective on things can be seen through the use of Shakespeare's plays
John explains to Bernard how he grew up on the reservation feeling very isolated and rejected due to the repercussions of his mother Linda not being able to adjust from life in the World State to life on the Reservation
Because of her inability to adjust, Linda began regularly drinking an alcoholic beverage "Mescal", introduced to her by Popé, one of the many men she slept with. The drink would serve as a substitute to Soma.
John tells Bernard about the happiest memories of his mother, which were always of her talking about the World State. Remembers how she taught him to read as well, first by writing letters on the wall with charcoal, then she'd give him old World State books of hers to read, then when Popé gave him a book of Shakespeare, he'd read that.
- There is a stark contrast between The World State and the time period "Before Ford"
- The title of the novel was taken from Act 1 of "The Tempest"
The chapter ends with Bernard inviting John to accompany him back to the other side. He acts as if it is just a casual invitation, when he really intends to bring John and Linda over to embarrass the Director. John, eager with excitement agrees immediately and then goes on to recite a shakespeare quote.
"O brave new world, O brave new world that has such people in it. Let's start at once"
Chapter 9
Meanwhile, John becomes nervous that John and Lenina have left without him, so he breaks into Lenina's cabin to investigate, only to find her passed out on Soma Holiday. He is astonished by her beauty, and considers touching her, but decides it would defile her and stays put. As he remains staring at Lenina, Bernard arrives in a helicopter, and just in time John is able to hastily exit Lenina's cabin to hide is trespassing.
Lenina returns home and feels she rightfully deserves a soma holiday. She takes 6 half-gramme tablets of soma, and passes out.
Bernard flies to Santa Fé to talk to Mustapha Mond about getting to bring John and Linda to the World State. Once finally getting a hold of him, Mustapha Mond agrees that John and Linda are of scientific interest in the World State, so he gives Bernard permission to bring them both over.
Upon the arrival of Bernard, the Director announces to the whole Hatchery that he is dismissing Bernard due to his unorthodox behavior which threatens the World State stability and tells Bernard that he will be transferred to Iceland
Bernard unexpectedly rebuttals by calling in Linda and John, which sends the whole room into chaos as John and Linda attempt at interacting with the Director. The director is terribly embarrassed, and rushes away as fast as he can.
By: Allegra, Gorden, Jenny, Zhanyu and Alexandra
Themes Present in Society
-In the World State where "everyone belongs to everyone else" , intimate emotional attachments with one individual is illegal and promiscuity is encouraged.
-In our society, our views on sex/promiscuity are mutually shared with the Savage Reservation. Instead of fornication being casually treated as a pasttime, it is more personal and intimate, and promiscuity is frown upon.
- "The seed of all men and all creatures, the seed of the sun and the seed of the earth and the seed of the sky - Awonawilona made them all out of the Fog of Increase.......... And gradually the seeds began to grow"(113)
- The Savage Reservation community is religious and practice their tribal beliefs through creation stories and rites of passage (self-mutilation).
-Similarly, religion is a part of our society.
Themes in Society Continued
- John's character is isolated from birth. He is an outsider among the Indians because of his background and isn't allowed to participate in any of the tribal rituals.
- Linda failing to learn and adjust to the social norms of the Savage Reservation struggles to assimilate in her new environment.
- These characters like Bernard are "unsuccessful" in their society and don't feel they belong because of their differences; this theme/idea is expressed in todays society.

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