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postgraduate study (abroad) - some notes

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Yanuar Nugroho

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of postgraduate study (abroad) - some notes

postgraduate study:
exploring potentials and mapping possibilities @yanuarnugroho hallsworth research fellow
in political economy of innovations and social change
manchester institute of innovation research
university of manchester, UK pointers what is postgraduate study?
what does a postgrad study require?
processes and procedures
prepare, prepare, prepare!
scholarship: a sine qua non? postgraduate study what is a postgraduate study?
furtherance of graduate level
exploration (masters level)
intensification and deepening (doctoral level)
can be an entirely new field - as long as with clear rationale(s) requirements, or ... err .. conditions (mental and intellectual)

determination, willingness, and 'stubbornness'
be knowledgeable on ...
the study purpose,
the study processes, and
how the end will likely to unfold
knowledge on how study at a PG level will look like processes and procedures it is, indeed, a hard work write
a study purpose masters doctoral approach
supervisors adjust/
res. iterest develop
proposal apply the programme apply the scholarships rejection, or refinement prepare: english and learning skills revise
and START rejection, or acceptance re-apply,
or START for masters
know what you want to do
write a study purpose that reflects what you know and want
prepare the paperworks much earlier
scholarship(s): know your source of alternative fundings
'lead time': 1-2 years for doctoral
know: what, why, and how
supervisors: approach, situate, match
develop (mutually) the research proposal
in paralel: refine your english and academic references
application: be strategic with "fee and terms"
modest aim: (conditional) letter of offer/letter of acceptance english (or other command languages)
study skills: reading, writing, expressing
mentality: openness, tolerance, cultural embrace
intellectuality: framework of thinking, logic
personal/family matters scholarship a 'sine qua non'? chevening ford USAID AUSaid diknas/dikti kominfo pertamina sampurna toyota stuned fulbright mobusho thank you! :) @yanuarnugroho
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