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Copy of Persuasive Text

Propaganda Techniques, Stereotypes, & Gender Bias

Connie Meadors

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Persuasive Text

the use of two sentences or parts of sentences in close proximity that are similar in structure and meaning
repeat a supporting idea and give it more attention

Three Techniques Authors Use to Express Viewpoint
Take a stand on an issue

Written to convince the reader to adopt the writer's point-of view

Appeals to reason and emotion; endorsed by influential figures

Relies on Propaganda
What Repetition
did you hear?
Talk with neighbor about the repetition.

What is the author's viewpoint?

How does the repetition help show the author's viewpoint?
the use of similarities and differences between two sides of an issue in order to show that one side has more value than the other side.
is the relation between an event (the cause) and a second event (the effect), where the second event is understood as a physical consequence of the first.
Persuasive Text
Types of
Persuasive Text
Letters to the Editor
Campaign Literature
Written Debates
Persuasive: writing in which the writer needs to convince someone of his or her view or opinion. It requires the use of a variety of persuasive language.
Three Techniques Authors Use to Persuade
What does the author most likely believe?
Can you identify the technique being used?
Even positive stereotypes can have negative consequences.
Why is this important?

the author's opinion or position on a topic.
When reading carefully, a reader can determine if the author is for or against something.
Name that Propaganda Technique!
1. Take the ads out of your packet in the middle of your table and spread them out face up.

2. I will randomly call out a Propaganda Technique and you will need to find the correct ad.

3. Once you have found the correct ad
1 person
from your group need to go stand under the sign with the propaganda technique.

4. The first group with the correct answer gets a point!
What is persuasive text?
Each time you are asked to:

Give an opinion of a story

Write about a topical issue and give a reason/s

Give a viewpoint...

You are thinking, talking or writing a persuasive text.

Make a mental note of the repetition you hear.
The author would probably agree with which statement below?

A. Soccer has changed the world.
B. If Brazil hosts the World Cup, people from around the world will come to Brazil.
C. Building soccer stadiums if fun and easy.
Based on the information in the video, the author would most likely agree with which statement?
A. The world is a great place to live.
B. Coke makes everyone happy.
C. America is a very diverse place and families enjoy many different things.
Now, read the "I have a dream" speech and find examples of persuasive techniques.
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