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Welcome to 6th grade!

No description

Haley Rippey

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to 6th grade!

What will you learn in language arts?
Welcome to 6th grade at The Downtown School!
I promise that your middle school years will be nothing like this!! We look forward to having you here :)
Discovery is a little different in the middle school building. You will choose a discovery class once every couple weeks. Discovery will be held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during 6th period (usually 45 minutes). Each discovery choice is lead by a 6th, 7th, or 8th grade teacher.
Some example discovery choices include:
-Fantasy Football
-Arts and Crafts
-Reading Buddy group
Two independent book reports will be due this year. One will be during 2nd quarter and one during 4th quarter.

-Students are currently working on a book study in groups and will complete a final project for that.
-In 3rd quarter we will be reading a whole class novel.
Interactive Student Notebook...

Students will use this notebook throughout the year. It will become a personal portfolio of all of their notes, assignments, and vocabulary. This will be a serve as a great study tool! Their ISN (Interactive Student Notebook) will be graded each quarter so completion and organization.
What is it?
Edmodo is a resource online for students to communicate with each other, as well was with their teachers. Also, students will complete activities on Edmodo frequently. Students can also access documents that teachers post.
Students will also be completing assignments called Snapshots. These are reading passages based on particular Common Core standards. These are great ways to practice and to let me know where each student is in their understanding of the content.
Grading Policy:
Homework: 15%
Classwork (includes ISN): 20%
Quizzes: 30%
Tests & Projects: 35%
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