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Curriculum Vitae

Here is a new way to view my Curriculum Vitae. Please enjoy!

Tracey Curtis

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Curriculum Vitae

My Teaching Philosophy
Based on a belief that every child is unique and their individual achievements must be celebrated. In order for children to achieve the teacher must plan for the current learning needs based on assessment information in order to work in the known. Teachers have a responsibility to work collaboratively with the school, home, community and child team. Teachers must also provide opportunity for children to work collaboratively and co-operatively as this will enable them success at their highest potential. To further support children in learning; positive, specific and timely feedback must be given effectively so they experience a sense of ownership over their learning.
Formal Qualifications
2007 - 2009
Teaching Experience
Ngaā Whakatauki
He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!

It goes without saying that as teachers we are responsible for the education of our next generation of parents, husbands/wives, friends and workers. We are responsible for the next generation of "people". Therefore we play a large part in the influence and development of competent active members of community. I personally believe important values are "lost" in society, namely respect and integrity which creates a lack of trust among our citizens. With this belief it is extremely important to me to create a classroom community (within a like minded school community) that encourages, models and explores the values that are in the New Zealand Curriculum. In a school community where such values are a part of everday language I believe the outcome will be children who express the curriculum values in their play and learning. This supports the notion that we as teachers help to raise the "people" who will be: goal setters; critical, creative, and reflective thinkers; culturally sensitive; good citizens who participate actively in the community; responsible, accountable and whose actions are ethical; respectful to themselves, other people, and to the environment......
......people are the most important thing in the world!
Personal/Professional Strengths
Nga mihi mahana ki a koe.
Ko Te Arawa te waka.
Ko Tongariro te maunga.
Ko Tarawera te awa.
Ko Rotoiti te roto.
Ko Rakeiao te marae.
Ko Ngāti Pikiao te iwi.
Ko Ngāti Rongomai te hapū.
Ko Robert Curtis rāua ko George Deed ōku koroua.
Ko Alice Newman rāua ko Isabel Harvey ōku kuia.
Ko Ken Curtis tōku pāpā.
Ko Maxine Deed tōku māmā.
Ko Stuart Curtis tāku tungāne.
Ko Melissa Curtis rāua ko Mickaela Bakker āku tēina.
Ko ahau te mātaamua o te whānau.
Ko Michael Stapp tāku tāne.
Ko Courtney Allen rāua ko Jae-Lee Stapp āku tamāhine.
Ko Logan Stapp tāku tama.
Ko Tracey Stapp tōku ingoa.
Nō reira, tēnei te mihi ki a koe. Noho ora mai rā.
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning
University of Canterbury
This degree was completed over a three year period through distance learning while living in Whakatane with my teenage daughter.
2003 - 2004
Certificate in Massage
The New Zealand College of Massage
Another passion of mine was explored in between training to be a Teacher Aide then a Teacher.
Teacher Aide Skills Course
Case Boreham Associates
A comprehensive full-time course over six months which was achieved when daughter was 5 years old.
Recognition of
Golden Key International Honour Society Member
Waiotahe Valley School
Year 1-2
While at Waiotahe I taught a new entrants class up to year two. I organised visits to school to assist with children transitioning from pre-school (or home) to school.
Netball coach
NZEI staff representative
Producer of dance
2011 - Whole school production
2012 - Junior school Community Dance Night
2012 - Middle school netball team
Jan. 2010 - Dec. 2010
Awakeri Primary School
Year 1 (Term 4)
Class of children to create space for new children beginning school.

Year 1-8 (Terms 1-3)
Relieved for teachers throughout school on Curriculum Release Time.
Assistant Gymnastic's Coach
2010 - 2 week gymnastics intensive
Jan. 2007 - Dec. 2009
During my three years of training I had practicums in an Intermediate, Catholic, and contributing primary schools.
Dance Troupe initiative
2012 Term 4 - Middle and Senior school students
Professional Development
2011 - 2012
Writing moderation
Beginning Teacher workshops
Teachers from Eastern Bay of Plenty Schools meet to moderate a series of writing samples from the local schools.
A series of intensive day or half day workshops in:
Writing, Reading, Numeracy, Numeracy games focus, Science, Technology, Learning Languages.
Whole school professional development.
Te Reo
Full immersion 8 week course.
Jan. 2011 - Dec. 2012
Professional Reading
I like to keep physically active in life by exercising regularly and participating in outdoor pursuits. My husband and I enjoy hunting and staying in the bush as often as we can. We also like getting out in his boat for a fish. My most recent bucket list 'tick off' was to tandem sky dive on my 40th birthday in September last year. That was an experience not to be forgotten!
Community Service
St Joseph's Catholic School
Coach: Y7/8 Netball
Kawerau South School
Coach: Y5/6 Netball
Other Employment History
Jan. 2005 - Jan. 2009
Massage Therapist
Self Employed
Nov. 2007 - Jan. 2008
The Glimmer Group, Kopeopeo
(Holiday job.)
Sept. 2003 - Oct. 2004
Natural Health Clinic, Whakatane
Oct. 2002 - Aug. 2003
Belmont Intermediate, Belmont, Auckland
Teacher Aide
Louise Larsen, Tutor Teacher
Pat Carrington, Principal
For contact information please refer to my Curriculum Vitae in printed or e-mail form. Thank you.
Attestation Review
16 May 2013
Observed in the following Dimensions of Practice:
Develop a Positive Learning Culture and Climate....
Positive tone and atmosphere with respectful interactions evidenced by children being happy and very settled. Learners are aware of how their actions/behaviour affects others learning. Climate of trust apparent by children being comfortable to share ideas. Student work is displayed. The Writing Wall is updated regularly. Classroom is humming at an appropriate noise level.
Maximise Learning time - Organisation and Management....
Instructions are clear and appropriate. Task boards for independent tasks are displayed. Rainbow chart used when needed to manage behaviour constructively following school procedures. Reading books chosen in advance and materials ready for lessons. Room layout proves classroom is funcionally organised. Abacus used well as a teaching resource. Routines established as shown by children returning to classroom from Teacher Aide programme knowing exactly what to do.
Engage Learners....
Awareness of students learning styles and needs, and flexible teaching shown by folding back to counting back in tens, or place value split. Children grouped according to their abilities to meet their needs. Provided specific and constructive oral feedback to students on their progress by referring to two options for solving problems. Students encouraged to share ideas with each other and given regular opportunities to explain solving strategy. Children are happy to ask peers for support and to share their learning. Skillful teacher questioning to get children to reflect on their learning. ICT resources utilised as a rotational activity. Data projector used.
Use Effective Instructional Strategies....
Clear objectives/expectations for learning given orally, not yet displayed. Connections made to prior learning by folding back. Opportunities to practice and apply new learning provided through lots of number stories. Uses a range of deliberate acts of teaching such as questioning, telling, explaining, and specific feedback given to facilitate students learning.
D. Tulikifanga
Feedback Report
from the Principal
Visited the class on three occasions and noticed the calm atmosphere and purposeful tone in the class, during the week.
Children were managing themselves which enabled small group teaching to be happening.
The self managing group were excited and having fun.
Pat 23/05/2012
Writing workshop with Louise Dempsey.
Teaching and Learning Observation
30 May 2012
Focus in lesson....
Teaching is focused on student learning (as apposed to a focus on activities). Appropriate level. Group teaching and individual teaching....Throughout lesson learning goals focused on what is to be learnt and shared with students....Teaching was aligned to learning goals by affirming students when they achieved the goal throughout the introduction.
Teacher behaviours in lesson....
Teacher monitors students' learning by allowing opportunity to listen to each child read....In response to monitoring teacher attended frequently to M who needed greater support....Provides effective and sufficient opportunities for learning by allowing children to work firstly together then later at own pace.
Teacher talk in lesson....
Teacher's promotion of learning focus is at a high level but promotion of self regulation is only moderately achieved....Teacher sometimes recognises and celebrates individual students' strengths and interests....Classroom interactions are always respectful and positive.
Evidence of teacher planning in lesson....
A range of group and individual instructional strategies is evident.
Teacher assessment during lesson....
Teacher gave moderate evidence of encouraging students to self-assess against learning goal....Students recieve substantive feed foward but oral feedback only sometimes....It is evident that teacher actively assesses where students are at with the learning goal, and modifies lesson where necessary.
PRT's reflection of observed lesson....
Long supportive introduction. Pleased about the structure which this group needs plenty of. Stating goal - clear. Did I need to do it more?
PRT and TT discussion key points....
Varying approach on each page. Making teaching stronger by linking in other activities eg. phonics.
Next steps....
Affirmation of reading behaviours observed before teaching new skill eg. that made sense but does it start like that? Have a quick conclusion to lesson - bring focus back to what the goal is but also the meaning of the text.
L. Larsen
Offered to me near the end of my training as acknowledgement of my academic achievement.
Michael Forrest, Principal
Jan. 2012 - Current
Cashmere Avenue School
Year 2
During my two years at Cashmere Avenue I have learned to build better relationships with parents. I have also been priveledged to have access to a range of e-Learning tools which I have learned to successfully implement the use of in my classroom for teaching and learning.
NZEI Staff Representative
ACE Project Group Member
Assistant DanceSplash
Powering Up Numeracy Knowledge (PUNK) Inquiry
2013 & 2014
St Brigid's Kapa Haka Festival Co-ordinator
2014 - Prepared a group for festival and ran school
Kapa Haka programme.
2013 - Helped design an arts enrichment programme.
e-asTTle Writing Moderation (in-house)
Art Workshop
Used Teacher Inquiry to improve Number Knowledge in priority children.
St Brigids Kapa Haka Co-ordinator
I planned for and prepared a group of year 1 to 6 students to perform at a Kapa Haka festival. As I had no experience with Kapa Haka previously I eagerly sought out parents to assist. I was able to successfully develop a professional relationship with a team of parent experts and thoroughly enjoyed working in partnership with these parents. They made excellent models for my own learning and as a result the school has been set up with a keen group of parents wanting to work with the Kapa Haka group next year.
This year I have changed my teaching practice to include more e-Learning tools. I have learned to implement Teacher Dashboard on Google Drive. This allows children to continue working on a task at home as they can access their Google Drive documents from home computers. It also allows me to provide timely feedback and encourage them to extend themselves. This has been an excellent tool to motivate children into writing. I have also started to use an i-pad for teaching which has had excellent outcomes. A recent success story has been my implementation of the 'Number Pieces' application. This application has helped improve struggling children develop their number knowledge.
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