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Autobiography of a Face

No description

Rhea D'mello

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Autobiography of a Face

Lucy Grealy Autobiography of a Face Actors: Emma Watson as young Lucy. Anne Hathaway as older Lucy. Julia Roberts as Lucy's mom. Ben Stiller as Lucy's dad. Tom Hiddleston as Dr. Baker. By: Lucy Grealy
Presented by: Nithya A.
Rhea D.
Ingrid F.
Dulce V. Autobiography of a Face *Daughter of Trena Anne, Desmond Grealy
*Full name Lucinda Margret Grealy
*Had four siblings
*Born in Ireland on June 3rd, 1963
*Was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at age 9
*Moved to the New York at age 4
*In order for the cancer to be removed, the doctors had to cut off half her jaw
*She had many facial reconstructive surgeries
*She died December 18th, 2002 Lucy Grealy Lucy Grealy was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at age 9 and got rid of it at age 10. Ewing's Sarcoma is very rare and the cancer cells are found in the bone or soft tissue. Many diagnosed with this have a 5% survival rate and it mostly occurs in teens and young adults though there are more men with this cancer than women Background Information (Ewing’s Sarcoma) Lucy faces cancer at the age of 9 and when she gets rid of it she struggles to be accepted by her peers. She feels that her appearance is the cause of her sadness."I felt safe and secure in that office, but I also felt lonely, and for the very first time I identified the source of my unhappiness as being ugly" (Grealy, 126). The adversity in the book is her appearance because she has trouble accepting the way she looks.
"What puzzled me was that I still didn't feel attractive, despite what all my friends were telling me. Wasn't my fear supposed to fall away , wasn't someone supposed to fall in love with me, wasn't life supposed to work now? Where was all that relief and freedom i thought came with beauty?" (Grealy,205). Adversity The theme of this story is that you have to accept life as it is but you can always change your attitude toward things so that it's a little bit better. You also have to learn to make the best out of what you have. Theme Lucy writes 2 novels therefore making her known for what she went through as a cancer patient. Her books inspire many other cancer patients too because they can learn to go through life by being optimistic and looking at life in a different way. Lucy dies at the age of 39 from an overdose of Oxy Contin on December 18, 2002. Resolution Lucy stops looking into the mirror so she can’t see her face and pretend she’s fine in order to continue on in life.
She doesn’t get another surgery after her 30th operation. She realized it will fail like the others and that she’d have to accept her face as it is. Falling action Lucy’s in her 2nd year of college and she starts to become her outgoing self again. She goes out to clubs with her friends and she starts dating guys. she finally found her reason to live through poetry and writing. Climax In elementary school she was respected and was known as a tomboy. She could beat most people at wrestling
In middle school she would get bullied a lot by boys. This is how she changed from an outgoing person to completely reserved. She started taking an overdose of drugs because of how she became addicted to it.
In high school, she was not bullied as much but she still kept to herself so it wouldn’t happen. She realized she’d have to have 10 years of surgery to fix her jaw up. Plot
Rising Action *Main setting is in New York
*Mostly in different hospitals
*Took place around the 1970s to the 1980s
*Mostly in an urban area Setting Dr.Woolf *Died when Lucy was 15.
*Suffered from Ulcers.
*He was a journalist.
*He didn't like to take problems seriously; carefree.
*He helped Lucy out by his jolly personality and that
made Lucy fell better but she never truly relied on him. Desmond Grealy Trena Anne Grealy Lucy was okay with her face while in the hospital and was proud of it because it made her feel special. After she got out of the hospital she realized how being different is not always that great because people would often stare or make fun of her. Main conflict
Lucy vs. Society *He was a doctor that worked on many surgeries for Lucy's face. He also gave her shots.
*Dr. Woolf was a specialist in chemo therapy and gave Lucy her treatments.
*Dr. Woolf is often described as rude or a
multi-tasker. Determination "A bottomless sense of peace , of stillness. I decided it was simply a matter of will that if I really concentrated I could make it. And I did." (Grealy, pg 135) In this passage, Lucy fell on the floor at the hospital trying to get the strength to walk to the bathroom. She decides that one way or another she was going to get back to the bed. Lucy couldn't get back up so she ended up getting back in bed and accomplished the goal to relieve herself. Movie: Autobiography of a Face Soundtrack: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer Director: Steven Speilberg Review Our review of the book Autobiography of a Face is overall the story was very touching and mostly had depressing tone. Also it showed the life of a cancer patient and how one would react and change in life. We would give this book a 4 star rating because there were certain points where we thought the author should have added more background information and clearly explain why she did what she did. I would recommend to teens and adults that have large range of vocabulary and enjoy a complex story with a different point of view of life. This story will change how you feel about problems that the reader may face in life. How Lucy overcame adversity Lucy overcame adversity by realizing that beauty wasn't everything. Not everyone will accept you for who you are on the inside and out. It's all about what's behind the face. Lucy never really accepted herself after removing half her jaw. She wasn't happy with she looked but over time she learned that there was no changing it because every operation failed to fix her face. Instead of worrying about her face she decided to pursue her love of writing and poetry. She wrote 2 books which made her become famous and helped many other people like her to accept themselves for who they are. Perseverance "This went against every belief i held dear. One had to be good. One must never complain or struggle . One must never under any circumstances, show fear and prime directive above all one most never ever cry," (Grealy,pg 29-30) Lucy is showing perseverance bin this passage by enduring the pain and keep moving froward. Even though Lucy is in a dilemma she still moves on without shedding a tear. Resilience "I felt obliged to say something, but no one was there, and I didn't know what to say anyway. Feeling as if I'd forgotten something, some name, or object, or an emotion I'd meant to take note of but had carelessly allowed it to slip by," (Grealy). Lucy is showing how hard it is to keep going but she still continues on with her life. Attitude The overall attitude of the story is negative because Lucy is constantly bringing her herself down. Lucy does not see herself as a good character or any one else the same. she feels that she is being punished for something she can't control."I separated myself even further from other people, who I thought never experienced grief at this depth," (Grealy,180) *She supported Lucy through cancer treatments and chemotherapy. She also drove her to the hospital.
*Often told Lucy to stay strong.
*Tried not to show her emotions to Lucy.
*Suffered from depression.
*Supported the family after the Lucy’s dad died.
*Lucy's main person who she relied on. Julia Roberts Ben Stiller Ben Stiller Ben Stiller Anne Harthaway Emma Watson Tom Hiddleston
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