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RJ's Creepy Critteres

No description

Michelle Beardall

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of RJ's Creepy Critteres

RJ's Creepy Critters Expenses Prices Poultry Creepy Critters Contact $50 for an hour, complete with informational presentation appropriate for all ages! $30 for each additional hour. Poultry Petting Zoo $30 dollars an hour. Combo: $75 an hour, $45 for each additional hour.
Per Month: Car Gas: ~$20 Animal Food: ~$10 Petting zoo includes: 6 Chickens Duck Bald Cat Creepy Critters Includes: Roaches Tarantulas Snakes Other Giant Cave Roach
Dubia Roach Horseshoe Crab Roach Egyptian Burrowing Roach Dominoe Roach
Glow Spot Roach Death Head Roach Rosie Red Knee Ammelia Choco Sand Boas Other Kemone Kamela
Samara Pigger Pigger: Western Hog Nose Snake Lurch the Pixie Frog Ruby II the Giant Millipede The Five Ednas: Black Widows
Call: 801-489-6554 ~Utah Valley Only~ Bugs, and Snakes, and Chickens, OH MY! By Rylie Jo Beardall Liven up your next birthday or get-together with some of natures most interesting creatures! Think all cockroaches plague homes? do all snakes have venom? Find out the answers to these questions and more with RJ'S Creepy Critters! 2 Rats
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