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Plant Growth and Change

No description

A Vona

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Plant Growth and Change

Plant Growth and Change
Do I Garden?
I love to garden with my mom and dad. We garden carrots, beets, garlic, zucchini, beans, spinach, onions and tomato`s . When we go on vacation we have too water our plants for at least for two hours, that is a lot of watering!
Describe different ways that seeds are distributed
After the seeds have formed, the are usually scattered, sometimes far from where they were produced. The scattering of the seeds are called "seeds dispersal.'' Wind disperses lightweight seeds that often have structures to catch the wind. In many different places animals eat fruits that have fallen from many different trees, and it deposits the seeds in their dropping from miles away. Some of the animals are elephants monkeys, foxes, squirrels, blackbirds
and mice too!

Identify examples of plants that have special needs.
Identify and describe the general purpose plant root, stems, leaves and flowers

Some plants that have special needs are fungi, seaweed, cactus, Venus flytrap, Aquatic plants,
Here are the plants we grow in our garden
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