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Academic Integrity

No description

Darcy Lynch

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Academic Integrity

Sometimes it seems like a victimless crime to just take the quickest route, such as:

Handing in a paper you wrote for another class. (It's your work, right?)
Lifting some phrases here and there from a source. (After all, the author of the text book put it all so perfectly!)
Having a friend pretend to be your doctor's office over the phone. (Hey you have actually been sick, so why does it matter?)
Obstacle 1
Tempting Shortcuts

Obstacle 2
It Can Be Iffy

Obstacle 3

Motivational Goals
The Journey to
Breaking in to steal a test, having someone else take an exam for you, or altering academic records are pretty blatant ways of cheating, but what about overlooking 1 or 2 citations in an otherwise-perfectly cited paper, or collaborating on a project and submitting the work as your own?

Not all academic dishonesty is considered equal, sometimes it may not even be intentional.
Graduating with a clean record.
Having your transcript be an honest representation of your learning.
The ability to take pride in your accomplishments.
The Journey to
Academic Integrity

There are obstacles
to overcome along...

shortcuts are faster and easier
Consider this...
You don't live in a void, and while you may not be actively looking to violate academic integrity, others can draw you in.

You may have violated integrity if you:
bear witness to others cheating during a test and stay quiet
tell a friend what material was on an exam he or she will be taking later
assist a friend with a take-home exam or help them complete assignments meant to be done independently
Uncertainty about the rules can get you in trouble
Classmates can interfere
with your best intentions
Academic Integrity
Consider this...
What you can do:
Know the honor code

Know the rules for proper citation

Contact Academic Services & Advising with questions about the Academic Integrity process

information can be found on all of these here:
and the obstacles along the way
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