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Ancient Greece

Landforms Gods Trojan War Illiad Odyssey

Brittney Brickner

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

What do you know about Greece?
What do you want to know? Ancient Greece Hades

God of the Underworld

Brother of Zeus and Poseidon Minoans


-2500 BCE - 1450 BCE

-Sea trade

-Tidal Wave / Invaded my Mycenaens

-Knossos Ionian Sea Mediterranean Sea Aegean Sea Troy Mycenaeans

-Indo-European origins

-1900 BCE - 1100 BCE

-Mainland Greece

-Intermarried with Hellenes

-Mycenae Gods and Goddesses

- 12 Olympian Deities
lived on Mount Olympus

- Each community chose a god or goddess as its patron and protector.
i.e. Athens -> Athena Zeus

King of the Gods

God of sky, thunder, lightning, law and order Poseidon

God of the sea, river, floods, droughts, and earthquakes

Brother of Zeus -Aphrodite- love and beauty

-Dionysus- wine, drunkenness, parties, and madness

The Illiad
by Homer

- The Illiad is the story of the Trojan War

Paris (Troy) and Hellen (Mycenaean)

"Trojan Horse" -The Odyssey

Odysseus King of Ithaca's 10 year journey back home

Angered the gods Exit Ticket-

Which two ancient Greek gods or goddesses do you think would NOT be relevant/worshiped today?

Briefly explain why. Mountains Mainland -Apollo- sun, music, healing, prophecies

-Ares- war, violence, manly courage, and civil order

-Artemis- the hunt, wilderness, animals

-Athena- wisdom, warfare, battle strategy

-Demeter- agriculture, harvest, grain - Hephaestus- fire, metalworking, sculpture, stoneworking

- Hera- Queen of marriage, childbirth, women (wife of Zeus)

-Hermes- travel, messengers, trade, thieves

-Hestia- Virgin goddess of home and cooking
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