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Is a manager's job universal?

No description

Jake Kaya

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Is a manager's job universal?

Types of managers
Top level managers -
Make organization-wide decisions
- Establishing goals and plans affecting entire organization
Middle level managers -
Make department-wide decisions
-Establishing goals and plans affectg entire organization
Front line managers -
Make local decisions - Establishing goals and plans that affect
the staff being managed
Factors determining if managers job is universal...
- Regardless of level all jobs are performed similar (Top level, middle level or front line).
- The only difference between each level is the degree and emphasis on each job.
Factors determining if managers job is universal...
- Size of organization
- This determines time spent on certain tasks
Factors determining if managers job is universal...
- Is the organization profit or non-profit?
- Difference being that their ability to measure business performance
Thank you
Manager "An individual who coordinates and oversees the work of other people to accomplish organizations goals"

Universal "Generic activity exposing a manager is a manager regardless of what they manage or the position they have or type of company they run (profit or not-for-profit).
To conclude a managers job is universal
There are three type of management
- Top level managers
- Middle level managers
- Front line managers
Factors determining managers job is universal
- Similarity of jobs performed
- Is organization non-profit or profit
Is the managers job universal?
Jake Kaya & Albert Fernandez
Steve Jobs talking about managing people...

Concept Issues
- Manager's may be unable to perform in other countries
- Transferability is low
- Due to the different economic, social, political and cultural values
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