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Save the Children

Interview presentation for Community Events Fundraiser

Abi R

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Save the Children

How can Save the Children
increase fundraising and engagement
with individual fundraisers
through its communications? " " SUPPORTIVE TAILORED COMMUNITY Every
important But
need to be part of a supportive community to feel truly valued Their
should be celebrated

They are a vital part
of a whole SUPPORTIVE TAILORED COMMUNITY Taking into account all different types of fundraisers STC are working to ensure volunteers are at the heart of their organisation This should provide a UNIQUE experience for fundraisers "The strength of micro-communities and smaller charities with perhaps more intimate supporter relationships do well. Where the inside and the outside of the organisation is not so rigorously defined, people feel they belong, and share"
- Visceral Business Report And fits in with STC’s volunteer vision People need to feel moved to share, and belong to be loyal Obvious and clear ways for fundraisers to get needed help, ideas or motivation It's important that supporters
see directly how the
money they raise
is spent But also hear stories of
other fundraisers

For example - Tried and Tested inthe Tiny book of BIG ideas So STC need to offer something other charities don't. Instead of just a presence, incorporate and build relationships with supporters. The key is this means they will share & raise more Online communities - Facebook and Twitter followers have doubled over the past 2 years Top 100 Charities: OTHER CHARITIES It's important because it's
not just about crazy ideas... Ask opinions of current fundraisers Their first experience may dictate further involvement Co-creation strategies
are more likely to
ensure people invest
their time and effort Doesn’t replace other communities but encourages interactive and responsive relationships with users that enables personal participation The key is micro-communities For example:

User-generated fundraising blogs Explore other platforms and how
communications can be maximised Fundraiser Spotlight

- Wall in the office tweeted
about on Fundraiser Friday?!

- New Idea Charity Tuesday?!

- Virtual training days? Rewards... Unicef UK - 1st in Visceral Business' Report on Top 100 Charities
(STC were 8th)

Digital stakeholder Group means they personally engage with users - developing impact through social connections. They say it's particularly important for large charities with a lot of activities overseas of fundraisers Increased brand & campaign awareness Becomes real Pioneering People sell people We help them fulfil their potential We save children's lives We fight for their rights Get involved. Stay involved. Could be a personalised postcard with artwork by an upcoming designer Or a feature in a fundraising pack Even an invitation to an event to say thanks Barnardos provide templates
for fundraisers to
make their own
posters or leaflets Cancer Research UK break up fundraising ideas into how much time needs to be invested Unicef UK have their
own fundraising facility
for online fundraising Community collection boxes raise £2 million a year for The Children's Society What do they think ?????????????????? Facebook - 7 million Twitter - 3.7 million Figures from The Guardian - Create a new STC
Fundraising App? ...or stories.
Supporters should be part
of the story, not just onlookers
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