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The Looking Glass Wars

No description

Autumn Howe

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of The Looking Glass Wars

Part 1 / Section 1
Part 1 / Section 3
Part 2 / Section 1
Part 1 / Section 2
By Frank Beddor
The Looking Glass Wars
Chapter 1. Alyss Heart is presented with the book that her friend Dodgson wrote for her, talking about her adventures in Wonderland, but is angered by his unrealistic portrayal of her memories.
Chapter 2. Alyss is bored on her birthday because her mother has forced her to watch the invention parade with her.
Chapter 3. Bibwit, Alyss's royalty tutor gets pranked at Alyss's birthday party by Alyss.
Chapter 4. On the way back from King Nolan's talk with King Arch, King Nolan is attacked by Redd's army.
Chapter 5. Dodge gives Alyss her birthday gift and they dance with each other, even though Alyss is supposed to marry Jack of Diamonds.
Chapter 6. Alyss and Dodge escape the palace and visit the Pool of Tears, and Alyss finds a cat with her name on the collar.
Chapter 7. The blue caterpillar warns Queen Genevieve, Alyss's mother, of events that may take place and include her sister, Redd.
Chapter 8. Redd and her army burst into Alyss's birthday party and Redd demands everyone to be beheaded.
Chapter 9. Redd is angry because Redd's mother chose Queen Genevieve to be queen over Redd, even though Redd was the older sister, and Redd takes her anger out on Queen Genevieve and her kingdom.
Chapter 10. Redd and her army fight Queen Genevieve and her army while Alyss watches, Redd shows Alyss and Queen Genevieve that King Nolan has died, and Alyss and Hatter disappear.
Chapter 11. Alyss and Hatter find a looking glass in the Whispering Woods, but are watched through the looking glass that Redd repaired, and Redd soon sends The Cat to find and kill Alyss.
Chapter 12. Alyss is thrown into the Pool of Tears by Hatter to
escape The Cat, and Alyss lands in a puddle in a busy street, and is
led by a young boy to get dry clothes.
Chapter 13. When Alyss lands in the streets of London, Hatter
lands in Paris, he searches for Alyss but cannot find her, and he is
taken to jail for showing weapons to people on the street.
Chapter 14. The Cat lies to Redd and tells her that he killed both
Hatter and Alyss.
Chapter 15. General Doppelganger organizes an army to defend
Queen Genevieve and the kingdom.
Chapter 16: Alyss shows Quigly, the young boy she met in the
street, that her imagination can do things, like make flowers sing,
and they both steal food to give to orphans, but Alyss gets caught.
Chapter 17: Hatter goes to court and escapes through the window,
and he hits the streets to try to find Alyss.
Chapter 18: Alyss is placed in an orphanage, but is soon adopted by
Charles Dodgson, who is fascinated by the stories of her life in
Wonderland, and asks if he can write a book about them.
Chapter 19: Four years later, an army has been created to defend
Queen Genevieve and Alyss, and to overthrow Redd from her rule.
Chapter 20: Hatter travels the world, attempting to find Alyss,
and stumbles across a puddle in Monaco, that seems out of place,
and thinks that it is a portal to the Pool of Tears.

Chapter 21: Similar to the prologue, Dodgson shows Alyss
the book he wrote about her adventures in Wonderland, and Alyss realizes that no one believes her stories.
Chapter 22: Hatter hops into the puddle in Monaco and it portals him back to Wonderland, Alyss is not there, and everyone in Wonderland thinks she’s dead.
Chapter 23: Dodge attempts to deliver a message while racing through the Crystal Continuum.
Chapter 24: Alyss, now sixteen, lives in London with her foster parents, and a boy named Prince Leopold proposes to her, and Alyss accepts.
Chapter 25: Hatter discovers that Alyss is at Kensington Palace, but as he tries to get to her, he gets shot in the shoulder.
Chapter 26: After over a decade of fighting, Alyss’s army and Redd agree to Alyss’s army owning their own country to end the war.
Chapter 27: Dodge finds Hatter at the Pool of Tears, hurt, Hatter insists that he go find Alyss, but Dodge offers to find her since Hatter is hurt.
Chapter 28: Alyss is dancing at her engagement party, with who she thinks is her fiancé, but soon realizes it is somebody from her pass, Dodge.
Chapter 29: Jack of Hearts alerts Redd that Alyss is still alive, and Redd demands The Cat to come back with Alyss’s head.
Chapter 30: At Alyss’s wedding, The Cat and several card soldiers charge after Alyss, but Dodge saves her, and they jump into a puddle.

Part 2 / Section 2
Chapter 31: When Alyss and Dodge jump back out of the puddle, into Wonderland,
Bibwit is waiting there for them, and they all run back to the Alyssian Camp.
Chapter 32: Once at the camp, people greet her, including the Jack of Hearts, who is not quite happy that she’s alive, but covers it up by proposing to her.
Chapter 33: Everyone agrees that Alyss should lead their army to victory against Redd.
Chapter 34: Redd becomes furious with The Cat because he failed at killing Alyss.
Chapter 35: Alyss tells Bibwit her stories of the outside world, and Dodge assists Alyss out of the camp.
Chapter 36: Jack of Diamonds releases The Cat in front of Alyss’s camp.
Chapter 37: Dodge and Alyss visit the Heart Palace, Redd sees them, tears the building down, and Alyss and Dodge barely escape.
Chapter 38: Alyss and Dodge are attacked by Glass Eyes while on their way back to camp.
Chapter 39: Glass Eyes shoots a cannon at Alyss and Dodge and Alyss imagines a muzzle to keep the cannon of spiders from hurting Dodge.
Chapter 40: Out of anger, Redd starts to destroy all of the looking glass in the city, which cause the continuum to disappear around Alyss and her army.
Chapter 41: Dodge and Alyss find a mirror, which they can use to keep from the looking glass from disappearing.
Chapter 42: Alyss and her army almost get attacked by a jabberwocky, but successfully make it out alive.
Part 2 / Section 3
Chapter 43: As the rest of the group rests, Alyss stays up at night, and
tries to control her imagination.
Chapter 44: Redd sends The Cat to find Alyss, hopefully at the Looking Glass Maze.
Chapter 45: The blue caterpillar tells Alyss that she must find a puzzle shop to give her the key to the Looking Glass Maze.
Chapter 46: Homburg Molly tells Alyss that she knows where the puzzle shop is, and she has no choice but to follow her.
Chapter 47: The Cat attempts to attack Alyss and Molly while trying to get in the puzzle shop, but Hatter can hold them off long enough for Alyss to find the key, but she falls into a looking glass.
Chapter 48: Alyss is in the Looking Glass Maze and is faced with many events and people from her past, Redd asks Alyss to sacrifice herself for her kingdom, and when Alyss agrees, Redd awards her with the white scepter.
Chapter 49: Alyss uses her new scepter to end the war and the key to the Looking Glass Maze goes missing.
Chapter 50: The Cat takes the stolen key to the maze to Redd.
Chapter 51: Alyss tries to imagine an army to attack Redd, but all she can imagine is a toy army.
Chapter 52: The Cat cuts Dodge’s leg while fighting.
Chapter 53: Redd and Alyss fight through imagination.
Chapter 54: Redd tries to escape the dual by jumping into the Heart Crystal, which gives both Alyss and her power, but Dodge jumps in after her.
Chapter 55: Alyss creates a twin of herself to send into the real world to live out a life with a normal husband.
Chapter 56: The regular Alyss continues to live in Wonderland, and eventually is crowned queen of the kingdom.

Princess Alyss Heart
Queen Redd
A puddle, similar to the puddles Alyss and Hatter jumped through
Charles Dodgson, also known as Lewis Carroll
A looking glass
Queen Alyss Heart
- http://www.ericrettberg.com/alice/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Royal_Alyss.jpg
- http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/multimedia/archive/00429/TTH0603LEWISC_429285b.jpg
- https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c8/84/49/c884497b3817a8bb856085b689555a17.jpg
- http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_small/11/111746/3030265-princessualyssuheart.jpg
Take 5
1. Some people are forced to grow up fast.
2. Be true to yourself.
3. Everything is not what it seems.
4. Age is only a number.
5. Imagination is a powerful thing.
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