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Colouring Walkaround

No description

Hannah Ratcliffe

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Colouring Walkaround

Colouring walk around
How are we doing??
ready for some more?
Stand by the product which is being described.

Listen and read the description.
Colouring walk around

Can lighten and darken hair
Colouring Walk around-1

Permanent colour.

Lasts in the hair for up to six to eight washes.
Colouring walk around-2

Semi permanent colour.


Can lighten but not darken.
Colouring walkaround- 3

Comes in a variety of types such as:
Colouring Walk around-4

Temporary colour

Quasi permanent colour.

Needs a skin test but does not lighten hair.
Colouring walk around-5
Colouring walk around-6

Permanent colour

Can 100% cover white hair.

Can be a colour (tint) or a bleach.
Colouring walk around-7


During the colouring process small colour molecules pass through the cuticle and into the cortex where they swell and get trapped.
Colouring walk around-8
Colouring walk around-9

You will need to apply this product using a bowl and brush, it is used to add depth and/or tone only.

Quasi permanent colour
Colouring walk around-19
Colouring walk around-13

Can provide a colour choice for people who due to sensitivity or allergy can not have other colours.
Colour walk around-15
Colouring walk about-11
Colouring walk around-16

Can be used for toning, but requires a skin test.
Colouring walkabout -18

Can be more permanent on very porous hair, is mixed with an oxidant.
Colouring Walk around-12
Colouring walk around-20
Colouring walk around-17

Permanent colour.

Can be used with 6% 9% 12% hydrogen peroxide.
Colouring walk about- 10

Quasi permanent colour

On hair in good condition these do not penetrate the hair cuticle.

Colouring walk around-14

You will need a bowl and a brush to apply this product, does not require a skin test.


Semi permanent colour.

Quasi permanent colour.

It is not advisable to use on hair with poor elasticity.


Quasi permanent colour.

Quasi Permanent colour.

Lasts for appox 12-24 washes

Temporary colour.

Are sometimes a styling product too.

Colouring walk around 21
Penetrates the hair cortex and oxidises the natural colour pigment so that it becomes colourless.
For example, brown melanin pigments are changed to colourless oxy-melanin.

Permanent hair colour.

Contain pigments that are deposited in the hair cuticle and outer cortex.

Semi permanent colour.

The molecules are small and large, some of the small molecules go inside the cortex and swell slightly, some of the large ones sit on the cuticle some go into the outer cortex.
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