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Final Year Project L'Occitane (almost finished)

No description

Guillaume Audureau

on 1 July 2010

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Transcript of Final Year Project L'Occitane (almost finished)

11- The target The Context Economic Crisis
Fear of unemployment
Worries about retirements
No more trust in capitalism

SELF FULLFILMENT How ? Nowism ! For an istant enjoyment We are no longer in a society based
on desires but based on pleasures "Je veux vivre à fond, sans contraintes et sans attendre. Etre libre, décider à la dernière minute, zapper si j'en ai envie..." Charline, 21ans "J'ai envie de profiter tout de suite plutôt que de me dire j'attends je le ferai plus tard car j'ai pas le temps. Bouger sans jamais s'arrêter et découvrir ce qu'il y a de nouveau autour de moi" Sylvia, 33ans The 20-35 Generation
A native generation fully living its daily life CARPEDIEM 2.0 GENERATION
target young people
make l'Occitane desirable
Transform l'Occitane into a Love Brand
Objectives 1- Prelude 111 - L'Occitane
& the target
A typical day of our core target HOW CAN L'OCCITANE APPEAL TO
for 1st of July 2010 IV- Our strategy How to tell
our story ? 4 Main needs TO BE REASSURED



TO BE CONNECTED Objective Create a link between l'Occitane and the target How ? A tale V- Creative and Medias To be reassured From Mobile web to fix web A link is missing How to create this link ? "JE RESSENS DONC JE SUIS"* Senses
Handcrafted products
Natural Nowism
Self fullfilment I feel = senses, sensations, emotions
I am = I live, I exist as a humain being What I see, ear, touch, taste or smell make me feel alive now, gives me pleasures and is going to build who I am TO BE REASSURED TO BE DIFFERENT TO BE CONNECTED ? L'Occitane offers guarantee and respect through... High standard products Dermatological tests
Patent complexex
Strong medical control Reduction of environmental impact
No animal testing To be reassured Respectful proceses L'Occitane offers also commitment and ethics Social resposibility
Support to visually impaired people
Solidarity and community initiatives
Involvment in emancipation of women
Preservation of knowledge of nature
Action in sustainable development

To be reassured Natural Elegance Know How Authenticity To be different To be different As a BRAND APART ... No direct competitors
A high power of evocation Unique and Singular Because the products are hand crafted with the best
of very special and natural ingredients (fruits or flowers TO ENJOY To enjoy Procuts extremely sensorial with : Smooth textures
Delicious fragances
Providing intense and instant comfort
Escape to Provence To enjoy The must of enjoyement Feeling
Self fullfilment
Relaxation To be connected Insight "I FEEL SO I AM" In our target's head Addiction to connexion 500 million users ! Our target is always looking for
connexion with
we are what we share !
By telling a story ... ...L'Occitane story Every Love Brand has a well-known story which story for l'OCCItane ? L'ARTISAN DES SENS ...which stimulate senses... It's only for children ?!! OF COURSE NOT ! Why does it work ? Happy end, morality Reassurance
Each story is unique Difference
It makes our target dream and travel Enjoyment
It makes live an experience and give emotions Connection

L'ARTISAN DES SENS The connection
with the tale Team presentation
Focus on our researches People know you !
they understand your brand universe but they don't really know l'Occitane story... They like your products, the feelings it gives but they buy more to offer than for themselves... They have not been impacted by any type of communication... L'Occitane en provence
Une histoire vraie Which story Before, a tale was just written and read WATCHED LIVED Heir of the Jardin Royal of medicinal plants, created by Louis XIII in 1635

A botanic garden collecting living plants documented for scientific research, diffusion of knowledges and exhibitions

Recent partnership with La Fondation l’Occitane for updating the Jardin des plantes website
A common mission so a consistent partnership: the preservation of the nature and plants knowledges and usages
A garden recently renovated: energy for a brand searching for modernity

Le Jardin des Plantes Why this partnership ? The Jardin des Plantes is the perfect « case » to convey l’Occitane values (nuit des sens) III. La nuit des sens I. Le jardin des sens
Introduce the new communication campaign around the tale, the exhibition and the pop'up store to influent people
Increase the visibility of the brand and jazz up its image
Benefit from press articles (blogs, website articles) to encourage people visiting the pop up store and the exhibition

400 people (journalists, vip, bloggers, winners of an online game, employes + best sellers will animate the night activities (stands)

A cocktail party in partnership with Alain Carro, the 1 star Michelin chef specialised in provencal cooking
Private projection of the show, introduction and visit of the exhibition
Different animated stands: beauty advices and diagnosis, product and smell blindtest, micro massages, gifts, and a particular invitation !…

Tell the story of the brand through an original exhibition
Make people aware of the origins of the brand, the diversity of ingredients…

Jardin des Plantes –Milne Edwards esplanade

Beginning on Thursday, 5th May 2011, during1 month

By using the floor animated platform and the exhibition tables
By showing pictures, telling the tale l'Artisan des sens,stories and anecdotes about the brand and the plants
By making the link with the different gardens of the park (Rose, Peony)

Make people discover the roots of the brand, its history with a special univers on the shop based on one part of the tale : the provencal market
Ttry l’Occitane ranges of products
Play with people senses with different workshops to discover and guess smells
Make people dream and escape also with a space dedicated to the SPA, the BA Opening night II. Le marché des sens outdoor exhibition
pop'up store Objectives Where When How
Transposition of this "magic touch" in which media we will use. (jardin des sens) (marché des sens) Sequence of events Chapter 111 : La Nuit des sens Chapter 1 : Le Jardin des sens Chapter 11 : Le Marché des Sens
By showing the products and the differents range (explanation of ingredient’s benefit)
By proposing some services like SPA, beauty advices, diagnosis, product testing…
By diffusing L’Occitane’s movies When How Objectives Where Jardin des Plantes – Greenhouse Beginning on Thursday 5th May 2011, during 1 month The tale l'Artisan des sens
Discover all the universe on the web READ & The Tale l'Artisan des Sens
A film to escape BUDGET PLANNING The tale l'Artisan des sens
Leaflet & Press


LESS FOR OUR TARGET (Audience too young) Objectives How Who Which type of show ? Do you know PILOBOLUS ? Pilobolus is a dance company, which became famous around the world for its imaginative and athletic exploration of creative collaboration Facebook Bloggers Mini site Pilobolus Creative Services (PCS) has a staff of three choreographers and a versatile company of world-class dancer-athletes, and creates original work for advertising, film and television, special corporate events, and fund-raising galas. This company was never used by a french brand !

Very good way to impact the audience, to tell the story of l'Occitane and our tale "l'Artisan des sens"

Film of the show and post on the web --> BUZZ

f Conclusions Every Love Brand has a well-known story The Craftman creates products... ...to live an experience A tale can be but also The tale l'Artisan des sens
Live the experience at le Jardin des Plantes
177 659 exemplaires* 177 659 exemplaires*
363 508 exemplaires* On www.loccitane.fr/lartisandessens On facebook.com/loccitanefrance YOUTUBE e-advertising Proposition : wave of 2 weeks at the begining of "la fête du cinéma" just before one movie (a blockbuster) to touch a larger target & to be in the news
Cover : 15% of our target
Budget : 400 000 k€ A TV Plan Visibility and articles in blogs invited to the event
Invitation to bloggers already invited for the launch of peony (in&out...) Objectives How Objectives How Objectives How Objectives How Animate the community of 7000 fans
Let them discover all the new communication campaign
Focus on our core target
Drive to stores and to the Jardin des Plantes

Develop a personnalized tab "l"Artisan des Sens"
The tale, the videos, and game to animate members
A game to win a trip in an luxury hotel with a spa l'Occitane abroad --> Escape and Travel
E-advertising on Facebook to increase fans of the page
How Objectives Dedicate a place on the web, attached to the classical site to find l'Artisan des Sens if people are looking for it
Increase visibility
Let people konw more about the brand and the campaign Make the website like a road we drawed to discover each element of the tale : read the leaflet, discover the video and go to visit the Jardin des Plantes (all the informations necessary) The tale l'Artisan des sens :
The store experiences
Glorify the brand with a 60sec format
Give a new glance
Appropriation of the film by our core target
Selectivity --> Efficiency Chose chanels and programs very selective (not TF1)
Our target has to understand "this ad is for me, not for my parents (programs like "Le Grand Journal")
With this format, and this plan we maximise the cover, no need repetition.
2 waves of 2 weeks --> cover around 40% of our target Touch or target in the media she uses the most
Youtube is a real TV online
Drive to website to discover the new campaign
Our target will be surprised to see a l'Occitane ad --> modernization Buying the home of Youtube France in exclusivity for one day
Expand Banner format
We hope 6 millions contacts & 3 millions unique contact
20-35y.o in the audience of YT : 30%
Reach of YT on the 20-35 y.o : 50% (nielsen, april 2010)
Cost : 22k€ Extend our concept and event in l’Occitane stores
Make people aware of l’Occitane story and origins through the tale
Create trafic by attracting young people With different creative :
In line with the craftsman : a hand
In line with the senses: the 5 branches
In line with the story: the symbols (Africa, still, lavender, olive tree, sun…) in the tree branches With new way of communication :
Screen in all stores
Flash codes to scan information, receive a version of the tale to listen to it, but also, news from the mini site, or instant promotion Touch our core target
Let them discover the brand with a unclassical way
Drive them to stores and to the event Objectives How Slide the leaflet in the middle of the magazine
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