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Rational&Radical Expressions

No description

Kayla Corey

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Rational&Radical Expressions

Rational&Radical Expressions
Rational Expression
Definition-Is an expression where one polynomial is divided by another.
Rule#1: The denominator
can not
equal zero.
Steps for Solving Rationals with same denominator
1:Add/subtract numerators
2:Write the sum/difference as the numerator over denominator
3:Reduce(if necessary)
Problem: 5x-1/x+8 - 3x+4/x+8
(5x-1)-(3x+4)/x+8 what to do: subtract the like terms in numerator
5x-3x=2x -1-4=-5 Rewrite your answers as a fraction.
Therefore 2x-5/x+8 is your answer.
Rational Expressions with different denominators
1:Factor each denominators
2:Find least common denominator
3:Rewrite expression with the least common denominator
4:Add/subtract numerators
5:Rewrite the sum/difference over common denominator
6:Reduce(if necessary)
Problem: 5x-1/x^2-3x+2 +3/2x-4
Find LCD. For the first equation the Lcd is 2(x-1),(x-2)
Rewrite expression with LCD
13x-5/2(x-1)(x-2)*which is the answer
Radical Expressions
A radical can be any root
For instance the square root of x+2=6 is a radical equation while the x+sqrt2=6 is not.
Goal is to get the variable by itself.
Common issue is to square terms not sides.
1:Isolate radical on one side of the expression
2:Square both sides of the expression to eliminate radical
3:Solve and simplify
4:Check answers by substituting them in the original equation
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