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Black hat and white hat hackers

By Ryan O'Neil and DR.Anthony Rayburn

Ryan O'Neill

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Black hat and white hat hackers

Black, White & Grey Hat Hackers
By: Anthony Rayburn & Ryan O'Neill
Black hat hackers are hackers who hack illegally and try to do damage to bank accounts, the government, or anything that could be malicious.
White Hat Hackers are hackers who hack for a company or organization in order to protect and secure sensitive intelligence. a white hat hacker generally has specialized training and is very talented in his field. a white hat hacker also has the power and knowledge to make the cyber world a better place (Wikipedia).
White hat hackers work for the government and private businesses that need to have reliable protection, while black hat hackers use illegal methods to get inside files that are not open to the public (Wikipedia).
Black hat hackers mostly hack to do damage. Sometimes they want to be able to get into the government to expose them. While black hat hackers dont normally get paid, they can be hired for their services.Black hat hackers will normally hack secretly, and without you knowing (Wikipedia).
White hat hackers get paid by a company to keep their files safe, There job is to make sure that black hat hackers don't break into the system they have been hired to protect (Wikipedia).
Black hat hackers will use all sorts of methods to break into secure files. They will often use viruses or Trojan horses to get you to believe that something good is there. The black hat hackers often make sure that they will be able to get inside the business before they try to hack (Wikipedia).
If you have skills in hacking and want to pursue an honorable career in hacking, you have the potential to make a median salary of $109,000! (StemJobs).
"cyber security stem jobs by salary." Stem Jobs. 2014: 14-15. Print.

"Grey Hat,White Hat, Black Hat." Wikipedia. N.p., 27 Jan 2015. Web. 29 Jan 2015. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker_(computer_security)>.
The Grey Hat is a type of hacker who hacks a company or organization without permission in order to find where the lack of security is in the system. without being chartered by the company (Wikipedia).
1) what type of hacker hacks illegally?
A. Black & White
B. White & Grey
C. Black & Grey
2) T/F White Hat Hackers are paid to hack for a business?
3) T/F Grey Hats are employed by the government?
4) T/F Grey hats Do good work, without permission?
5) T/F White Hat Hackers can make up to $109,000.
Answer Key
1) C
2) T
3) F
4) T
5) T
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