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Smiley Face Tricks

Lesson 1

Tammy Broadhead

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Smiley Face Tricks

Smiley Face Tricks Tricks to make your writing ROCK and your reader SMILE!!! Trick #1: Magic 3 Three items in a series, separated by commas that create a poetic rhythm or add support for a point, expecially when the items have their own modifiers. Example: "For dinner we had tender, juicy steak, creamy mashed potatoes, and garlic French bread." Trick #2: Expanded Moment Instead of "speeding" past a moment, writers often emphasize it by "expanding" on the actions. Stop in time and hang out there for a moment! Example
"I couldn't believe my eyes. I was staring at an alien, an honest to goodness alien! My heart was pounding, my heading was screaming, "No way!", and all I could do was stare. No words would come out when I opened my mouth to speak. My friends would never believe this!!!" Trick #3: Repetition for Effect Writers often repeat specially chosen words or phrases to make a point and to stress certain ideas for the reader. Example
"The attic is your only shelter away from your crying baby sister, away from your nagging mom, and away from your homework that awaits you."

"This classroom is freezing, freezing, freezing!" Trick #4: Specific Details for Effect Instead of general, vague descriptions, specific sensory details help the reader visualize the person, place thing, or idea that you are describing. So in other words, use lots of adjectives!! Example
"The house was situated higher than most in the town atop a hill and facing East. It was 2-story and white with black shutters, the kind you picture in your mind when thinking of your "dream" home. Complete with a white picket fence and large weeping willow in the front yard. Every child's paradise." Trick #5 Figurative Language Nonliteral comparisons such as similes, metaphors, and personifications which add "spice" to your writing and can help paint a more vivid picture for the reader. Example
"When we first moved into the house on Orchid Street, I didn't like it. My room was hot, cramped, and stuffy as a train in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The looming skeleton-like gray and white frame of the place scared me. The attic seemed to scream out to me at night as I lie in my bed. Oh how I wanted to return to my old house." Trick #6: Humor Professional writers know the value of laughter; even subtle humor can help turn a "boring" paper into one that can raise someone's spirits. "Example
"And you-yes, you Justin-were the guilty party who, after I took off my shoes to enjoy the hop pavement in early spring, put a frog in them. Of course, I didn't look at the shoes when I put them back on; it was the squish that gave your prank away!" Trick #7: Hyphenated Modifiers Sometimes a new way of saying something can make all the difference; hyphenated adjectives often cause the reader to "sit up and take notice". "Example
"She's got big green eyes that all guys admire and all girls envy and this I'm-so-beautiful-and-I-know-it attitude to go along with them! Trick #8: Full Circle Ending Sometimes writers need a special ending, one that effectively "wraps up" the piece. One "trick" is to repeat a phrase from the beginning of the piece. Example
Beginning of the story: "I knew it was going to be one crazy day!"

Ending of the story: "I was right; it was one crazy day!"
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