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Using uPerform to create learning content

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on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Using uPerform to create learning content

Using uPerform to store & create learning content
How do you begin creating uPerform courses & recordings?
Order the Ancile uPerform 5.10 client from user provisioning and install it on your computer.
Notify Michelle Letourneau that you have the client and request author rights for uPerform
Set up your connection to the uPerform server
Open the uPerform client
Click Go to Editor -> Tools
Click Options ->Server
Select "General Settings"
Check the box for uPerform Server
Enter the URL for the uPerform server
Enter your user name & password
Click "Test Connection"
Create your document library folder
Open IE and enter the SAPinteractive URL
Click on the Training Documentation Project
Click: Document Library
Find or Create your main document library folder
Begin uploading managed documents, web documents, or courses to the document library
Different types of documents in uPerform
Managed Documents: Any document not created using the uPerform Client i.e. Word or Excel files
Web Document: A hyperlink to a website outside of the uPerform website
Course or Recording: A file created using the uPerform Client and uploaded to the server
You have installed the client
Established a connection between the client & the server
You have created a document library folder
You Understand the different types of documents in uPerform...
You are now ready to create content using the Client!
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