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Student Led Conference.

Emilie M.

on 2 April 2010

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Transcript of SLC

SLC Goals Math:
My goal for math this quarter is to understand every lesson and to get better grades on my quizes. Science:
My goal for science this quarter, is to get the order of the planets in our solar system right. Humanities:
My goal for Humanities this quarter is to be a better writer, especially a better poet. Spanish:
My goal for Spanish this quarter is to be better at writing. Health:
My goal for Health this quarter is to keep doing as I've done before. P.E:
For P.E. my goal is to get a better mile time. These are my SMART Goals for this quarter. IMPORTANT MOMENT! One important moment I had this Eighth Grade year is when my friends and I all spent bonding day together. Emilie Moeyens :) Spanish This quarter was a good one! Here are some of the things I did: ) Cores! math This quarter math was quite challenging but I believe I still did well. Here are a few example lessons: Lesson 8.1 Lesson 7.6 On both chapter 8 and the chapter 7 test I got a 91% Humanities The last quarter in humanities our unit was culture. One of our assignments was to create a poem about an issue between two races. We also read two books. Science This quarter in science we had our genetics unit and the start of our astronomy. We had many projects and assignments. Important Links! http://blogs.saschina.org/emilie01pd2014/2010/03/08/spanish-directions-skit/ http://www.toondoo.com/myBooks.toon Areas Of Growth My Future Science
This quarter I have grown a lot in science because of a few reasons. One of these is that I put much more effort into my work and I tried to get 100% on everything. Also, the subjects were more interesting to me so I liked the work which made it easier to concentrate on. Math
This quarter I really upped my game because last quarter I didn't do so well. My growth and development may help with my transition to high school because of a few reasons. One, I will be more prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Two, this will help with my work in high school. Three, high school my be just a little easier because of this :) Art This quarter in art we did a number of projects, including the Banksy project and the Abstraction. There were 16 pages of notes, so I just put 3 examples up and an extra assignment. An overview of my core classes :) Other
Some other areas that I improved in are the fact that I am procrastinating less, and I am working harder then last quarter. Also, I am haveing more FUN! Math
I am getting better grades!!! Spanish
In Spanish I getting better at writing and also at understanding the language. Not to mention, my speaking skills are also improving. :) P.E./Health My SMART Goals this year have been difficult so I haven't achieved all of them. In fact I've achieved very few. However, setting high goals did improve my fitness quite a bit. My favorite unit this year was basketball because it is my favorite sport and I am tall so it is easier for me. I also think it is a lot of fun :) A challenge for me were all the fitness ciruits we did this year. Parent
Interview The End :)
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