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Where are sweatshops located ?

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Kayla Tucker

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Where are sweatshops located ?

Where Are Sweatshops Located ? Toronto Do you ever wonder where you get your Toms, Nike, Jordans, from ? Or where your brand new shirt was made ? Sometimes these brand name stores don`t want to use their money and they end up using sweatshops. Most of the clothes you buy or wear is from a sweatshop, lots of stores use sweatshop for financial purposes. While we pay $10, $20 for these pieces of clothing, the workers in the sweatshops get pay a few cents an hour. Here are some of the countries that are known to have sweatshops. El Salvador El Salvador is one of the countries that is known for sweatshops. These workers earn about 1.38 cents an hour Nicaragua Nicaragua is another country known for sweatshops. Unlike Honduras, Nicaragua workers get paid about 0.76 cents an hour Costa Rica Sweatshops workers in Costa Rica get paid about 2.38 cents an hour Haiti Haiti workers get paid about 0.47 cents an hour Dominican Republic Workers in Dominincan Republic get paid about 1.62/hour Honduras Workers in Honduras get paid about 1.31 an hour Vietnam Vietnam is a country that is known for sweatshops as well. These workers get paid 0.26 cents/hour Indonesia Indonesia is also known for having sweatshops and the workers get paid 0.26 cents an hour China A lot of the clothes we wear is made from China, and China is known for having sweatshops. Sweatshop workers in China 0.44 cents an hour Bangladesh Bangladesh is known for sweatshops and these workers are making about 0.13 cents an hour These are just a few of the countries that are known for sweatshops. Sweatshops are all over the world but mostly found in Central America, South America, Asia, China, India and some parts of Europe as well.
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