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Smoking Outside of the School

No description

Jeswin Ragu

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Smoking Outside of the School

Smoking Outside of the School
COMM 1107
By: Jeswinth Ragupathy
Bad Reputation for the College
People who pass by the college are going to have a bad impression of the college, because of some that smoke
There's always a big mess outside of the school
Cigarette buds almost every where on the sidewalks
Hazardous to birds that fly or walk around the area
Disturbance for other Students
Many other students do not like the smell of smoke
Some might have medical problems and need to stay away from smokes
Don't want to smell like cigarette smoke when they go into the school
"NO SMOKING" signs
This way there would not be many smokers outside of the school
Fine people that do smoke
Go to the Patio
Students who want to smoke, can go to the patio and smoke there
Other students are able to avoid it
it is not right in front of the school
Make sure when you're done, you put it in the disposable bins
The End
Thank You for your attention

The End
Thank You for Your Attention
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