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History of Food Service Timeline

No description

Laura Robinson

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of History of Food Service Timeline

History of Food Service Timeline
Ancient Greece
never dined out
social meals
clubs (Lesche)
catered to travelers
brought own food to clubs
meals nourished soul as well as body
Epicurus lead the idea that life's purpose is pleasure
dining in pubic was undignified
desired exotic foods and spices
had banquets
Marcus Apicius wrote one of the first cook books
Middle Ages (500-1300)
Nordic myths
serfs worked in fields
feudalism: you work for a master who provides proceeds and protection
large banquets every night for wealthy
purpose of a meal was to eat
Renaissance (1400-1700)
introduced herbs and spices
spices showed wealth
Catherine de Medici introduced Haute Cuisine
People carried silverware
Colonial North America (1600-1700)
1634- inn in Boston started offering meals
coaching inn/ stage coach
very few people dined out
Industrial Revelution
workers went home for meals
catering carts apperared
Gilded Age
workers had long hours with low wages
20th Century
food network
eating out
1900- 2000
400 B.C. - 300 B.C.
1760 - 1820
1870- 1900
Famous Chefs and Entrepreneurs before the 20th century
Marie-Antoine Careme - (1784-1833)
defined grand cuisine
George August Escoffie - (1846-1935)
credited with refining Careme's grand cuisine into classical cuisine
20th Century Chefs and Entrepreneurs
Ferdand Point - (1897-1955)
created lighter sauces and used regional ingredients
Julia Child - (1912-2004)
popularized French cuisine and techniques
Paul Bocuse - (1926- )
creating lighter, healthier dishes that still reflected classical French Flavors
Alice Waters - (1944- )
provided dishes that used only seasonal, local products
Ferdinand Metz - (1941- )
helped to foster professionalism and innovation
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