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Plan of Ali Osama

No description

Ali Osama

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Plan of Ali Osama

Plan of Ali Osama
(Marketing coordination)

1- By using personal files,choose members to be kernel of logistics
2- Providing information about logistic
3- After recruiting for one month, sessions to prepare the team
4-Logistics will be responsible for organizing mega events,campaigns,and general meeting
5- Organize 4 mega events at least in season
6-Head of logistic will train members from other committees specially projects
7-Linking between media coverage and logistic by organizing campaigns and cover it with media coverage,also assist projects team by organizing campaigns which help them, both in special competition and projects
8-Participation in the organization of special events,such as TEDEX
to get interior fund or market ENACTUS name


I want ENACTUS Suez to be number one in our society and in this city out side university, and we made a real impact through the last year..... so it is the time to market ENACTUS brand name in the whole city.

Make any enacter can lead a team of marketing in the future by:-
1- overcoming the gape between leaders and members
2-finding system to management and develop all members and committees
3-using systemic communication in marketing coordination
4- Making really link between marketing and other committees to make a progress in the chapter

1-Creating a system to manage all committees under the marketing coordination
2-Development of members in all committees under the marketing coordination
3-Developing the communication and connection between committees in marketing co and link them with other teams specially the presentation and project teams
4- Prepare a professional media team by hunting, recruiting new members , and workshops
5-Prepare a professional logistic team by reposition and recruiting new members
6-super members project
7-Inspire members to make them feel that they are in ENACTUS to help them,develop their skills and change community and help it
8-Organize mega events inside and outside the university, giving it media coverage and use it to get interior fund
9-Double the impact by the marketing team specially in the publicity field
Position of responsibility
Who is Ali Osama?

Petroleum and mining engineering
2ND in mining department

A YEAR OF achievement
1- Creating a team specialized in media coverage
2- Training this team all on my own
3-we have made total impact 30,000,0000
4- I have employed about 3 of my team members in the press business
5- Organizing a campaign against sexual harassment "UN WOMEN"
6- Organizing a trip to “Agyad”
7-Making a media coverage for “ UN WOMEN " special , " go green " and some more projects
8- Helping photography team to have some sections by professionals

Enacter from 2012
Head of Media coverage
1-Member in radio Break in AAPG 2012
2-Head of radio Break in AAPG 2012-2013
3-Head EC in AAPG 2013
4-Member in student union 2009&2013
5-Worked as reporter in“Rosaelyoussef gate"
6-Reporter at “Elbadel news paper”
7-Worked as publicity member in Triple effect 2011-2013
8-Worked as logistic member in “hebat elkhier” 2010

1-Team work
2- Team building
8-DJ mixing
Problems in ENACTUS Suez
No stable fund
Team building
No booth or office
Distribution of work throughout the year
1- Giving a proper Attention to the projects that will get a stable fund
2-Cooperate with any chapter to get a project which support us with stable fund and out of the competition
3-We can try to search for support from government agencies and cultural and Independent institutions
4-Events which support us with fund,such as open days,Accessories gallery and exhibition Study instruments

Numbers of leaders
Communication between heads
1-Using workshops , repositions , recruiting and hunting to get satisfaction members with leadership skills
2- Continuation of the leadership program, which began last year
3- Chose members with leadership skills and train them and treat them as leaders to have substitutes ready to work whenever we need
4-Divide members into committees to groups with leaders
5- Activation role of head assist with specific
job description
6-make board election before competition or make collimated board

1-To facilitate communication between heads we will use Facebook group, any head tell what he need from
another head and mention coordinators
2-Use Doodle , Google, and SkyDrive to make schedule to
organize tasks from any team and set the date of leaders meetings
3-Committees to which the assistance of other committees such as logistic and media and publicity chose members and fixed their mission is to follow other committees
4-In second semester, combine between presentation and media in one meeting every two weeks
5-To link between media and presentation,two members from media attending with presentation ,and two member from presentation attending with media, this members
will change every two weeks.

1-Create a schedule where all tasks , events,special competitions and campaigns are dated and know when all of them are going to be held over the year.
2-Good organization and planning will let us know what we will need in sufficient time
3- Any head wants help from another head shouldn't be late in telling them to give enough time

1-Configure a professional team
2- Linking HR with other committees
3-HR team put rules to all members in ENACTUS
4- Monitor on heads to see how mange ,evaluate,and develop members
5-Supervision of the reposition
6- Specific criteria in interviews
7- After a period, we will need from HR officer to monitor on our board

1- In two weeks, prepare personal file for all members contain(info,evaluation,achievement,skills,strength and weakness)

2- After a week from election, prepare files about heads election and send to candidates
3-Start seasons with brainstorming about marketing and committees below

4- sessions to all member in first month
5- Meeting with leaders every 10 days, members every 20 days and workshops and brainstorming every 40 days .
6-Inspire members to make them feel that they are in ENACTUS to help them,develop their skills and change community and help it

1-Preparing articles,information and presentations about marketing and
committees blow
2-Divide members into committees to groups with different leaders
3-Organize events include changing the man of event

4- Give the opportunity for members to lead the committee for a certain period

5-super members project
6-Members participate in decisions and
its reasons as possible
Two evaluation system
1- Evaluate members on tasks,timing and Commitment
stop cards and bonus cards

2-Evaluate members on leadership skills,skills,creativity,teamwork,responsibility and loyalty
1- we have good design team
2- by personal profiles,determine skills of design team
3-train the team by using tutorials and sessions
4-make schedule to organize tasks from design team
5- any head want design tell head of media before 7days at least,exception urgent
6- to link between projects and media , train members in each project
7-To link between media and presentation,two members from media attending with presentation ,and two member from presentation attending with media, this members will change every two weeks

1-It was agreed with more than one person to develop our website
2-We will train two members to update site
3- Use website in announcing events and data.
4- Supply website with video library
5- Supply website with Specialized books in the fields of science
6-Use website in communication between leaders and members
7-Photo gallery , date of ENACTUS, online application
8- Use unlimited storage to get fund,and try to use website in sending message
9-Highlight information about our sponsors

Net publicity
head assist net publicity
1- Making a photography competition through which we can hunt good photographers
2-Giving sessions with "group camera elsuez"
3- Use some photographers from outside the university to support us in the important events
4- Annexation the camera team to"group camera elseuz", for taking part in the exercises and events and photography sessions
1-Making competition in video making
through which we can hunt students who can make videos
2-Use tutorial videos
3-Train team of video by members in enactus
3- sessions to team of video by professional person (alternative solution)
4-Use C4D program to make 3D videos
5-make schedule to videos needed
6- any head need video tell media head at least early 15 day,exception urgent video
Head assist
1-Reposition members to make full use of our man power
2-Divide the team into groups with different leaders
3- Publicize ENACTUS name between newcomers to university specially engineering (welcome party)
4- Sessions for our members and supply them with articles and presentations to help them
5-Change our strategy in publicity
6-Train members from other committees
7- Internist in marketing ENACTUS name out university

1-We need booth or office
2-Making calls with journalist , student,members,other chapter and any person
3- Marketing ENACTUS name between companies and sponsors
4- Secretary role
1- Missing secretary role
2- So we can find two solution:-
a- Add secretary role to date base in one committee independent of HR

b-Add secretary role to PR committee

3- Amany Sadek will head to secretary for
a period until prepare new head

We can make a portable booth and get an office according to the protocol between the ministry of higher education and our university, so we will need a PR team and I will show how to overcome that later

1-Sessions to net publicity team
2- Sessions in English language by English club
3-Increase fan page
4- Activation Twitter account and Linkedin group
5-Making a link between net publicity and media team to use website
6-Making full use of social networks in enhancement our system

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