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steelpan prezi


Jessie Saunders

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of steelpan prezi

Type of pan Steelpans Steelpans were invented in Trinidad and Tobago
in the late 1930. The years 1938 and 1939 are
said to be the years that the steelpan was'born'... ...people there would use
pots and pans to
create a rythm. This quickly evolved into
pans constructed from
steel oil barrels steelpan sticks These are held using your thumb and index finger These are the types of
steelpans we use at RHS

but there are many more... ...Double second
Double guitar
Triple guitar
Tenor base
Nine base
Twele base
Soprano Steel pans can play a range of different songs

Film music The international festival the "World Steelband Music Festival"
has been held in Trinidad each year since 1964. Base pan They are brightly coloured as steelpans are usually played at canivals Different types of steelpan have different sticks. The different types of sticks help produce a different sound. These sticks are used for sopranos
I enjoy the concerts because everyone is playing instruments like the flute or violin but we play something different.

The History And at RHS Double tenor Six base And other popular tunes It can be hard playing the steelpans.
You can't have the music in front of you
while playing; you have to learn it by heart! While playing the steelpan you can
have much more fun than playing classical
instruments. It's a team effort as the band
plays together and relies on each other. What I like about playing steelpans at RHS... Steelpans have a different sound
depending on the type of pan.
Overall they have a loud, mellow
and melodical sound.

If you haven't heard one then I recommed that you should! And finally...
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