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World History 2_08 Code of Chivalry

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M Young

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of World History 2_08 Code of Chivalry

By: Amanda Young Code of Chivalry Selflessness Love Selflessness was influenced by the courage that the European knights and the Japanese bushido had. Selflessness is an important element of chivalry because it means that you understand that there are some things worth fighting for, and, even if you may lose, you have to try. Being selfless shows that you are willing to be disciplined and self-sacrificing for others. Compassion Compassion is an element of chivalry that has been attributed to the mercy that the European knights are said to have shown. Compassion is an important element of chivalry because it shows self-discipline. Compassion is the concern that you show for the welfare of others. Selflessness Compassion Submission Submission was influenced by the element of generosity shown by European knights. This element is an important part of chivalry because being submissive shows a willingness to be obedient. This trait shows a willingness to follow instructions by others when necessary. Submission Love is an element of chivalry that was influenced by the European knights and the concern they showed for those who could not defend themselves. Love is an important element for chivalry because it shows a strong emotional tie to someone or something such as a mother to her child. Reciprocity Reciprocity Reciprocity was influenced by the generosity the European knights showed. This is an important element of chivalry because when you reciprocate, you exchange something with someone. A modern warrior may exchange an act of defense for a home-cooked meal. Love
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