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Tradesmen during the middle ages/ fuedalism

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Pramita Mital

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Tradesmen during the middle ages/ fuedalism

Fuedalism Tradesmen in the Middle Ages Living Condition/ Daily Life Religion was very important to the tradesmen
Tradesmen usually woke up early to get to their trading post before competitors.
They would get home for dinner and then go to sleep.
They would spend a very limited time to spend with friends and family. Food Clothing They used to carry sacks to hold their goods for trade
Wore the same standard clothing almost every day according to the weather. BY: Bobby Cantando, Allison Watson, and Pramita Mital Food:

If they traded food they might've had some of the leftovers from the day.
They usually had a side of wine or water.
The women of the house would cook
Sometimes they might've bought food such has bread. Homes Tradesmen usually lived in the city.
They had higher education and more privliges than people that worked in the field
Marraiges were most often arranged.
Men were allowed to divorce wives, but the vice versa was not allowed. Recreation Tradesmen usually talk, drink, and play board games or dice at the same time.
Sometimes they danced, sang or played instruments.
They didn't get alot of time to spend with friends and family and when they did they'd like to play physical games, such as wrestling. They set up buisnesses in the towns
The most traded items were salt, iron, silk and spices.
They also sold some rarer things such as silk and spices, those items came from the Middle East and Central Asia.
They also sold some of their own items for sale.
In the Middle Ages surnames were often what your job was, ex. Miller, Fletcher, Smith, Driver,Hunter, etc. Work Pictures THANK YOU!!!
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