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Your Inner Monkey

No description

Emily Robinson

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Your Inner Monkey

Your Inner Monkey

why are we built the way we are?

the shape of hands, our color vision, the way we walk, and the structure of your brain (the way we think) can all be traced back to ancient primates..

ancestors shaped our anatomy

we are all primates, monkeys apes humans, all part of the same tree of life.

man reconstructed Notharctus

found a 50 million year old structure

Our hands
ancient fish climbing out of water -> evolved fins to reptiles feet->then to mamals with fingers and claws

Notharctus had divergent thumbs, nails instead of claws

first time in fossil history that hands look like ours do now

how did our hands evolve?
jumping from branch to branch

able to hold onto the thinnest branches

Color Vision
monkeys can only see limited range of yellows and blues

testing monkeys

ospin proteins

duplicating gene

our developed sight gave us poor sense of smell (became less important for survival)

Northern Ethiopia, Africa

2 most important fossils to understand why we stand on two legs


Ardipithecus 4.4 million years ago
(tells different story, already walking upright in woodlands)

our brains
in conclusion
Works Cited


Detail 3
by Emily Robinson
shaped from ancient primate past

hand eye coordination
visual system

object permanence test
Many of our most important features are clearly connected to those of the monkey, more specifically primates.

There is a clear deep evolutionary relationship

our ancestors make us who we are today.

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