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Wisconsin Cultural History

A timeline of significant times and periods in Wisconsin history.

Brianna O.

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Wisconsin Cultural History

1634 Jean Nicolet explores Wisconsin First known European to explore Wisconsin Canoes to Green Bay Stays with the Ho-Chunk tribe in the winter of 1634 Establishes a fur trading post in Green Bay Paleo-Indians arrive in Wisconsin 10000-8500 BCE Boaz, Wisconsin Hunt Mammoths and Mastodons Drawing of a Mammoth Around 0 AD Woodland Indians occupy Wisconsin lands Bury dead in (sometimes) animal shaped mounds Live in tree bark wigwams, huts, and longhouses Hunt and gather food and supplies Burial Mound 1000 CE Oneota Indians inhabit Wisconsin Corn, beans, and squash, wild rice, nuts, fish, deer, and bison Green Bay, Lake Winnebago, Lake Koshkonong, and La Crosse. 1640-1680 Europeans adventure Wisconsin Disease breaks out in tribes Europeans disturb Iroqouis tribes causing them to invade other tribes Food becames scarce and the Europeans increase prices in trade Disease wipes out 90% of Indian tribes Paleo Indians live
in Wisconsin 10000-8500 BCE 1000 CE Woodland Indians live in
Wisconsin Oneota Indians live in southern Wisconsin 0 CE Jean Nicolet is the first
European to explore Wisconsin 1634 Europeans explore more of
Wisconsin and spread disease 1640-1680 The Beaver trade vastly grows in economic importance 1650-1850 Jacques Marquet and Louis
Jolliet sail off in the first
Wisconsin expedition
by European colonists 1673 1761 The Fox and Mascouten rebel against the French The British take control of
Green Bay in the French and Indian War 1700-1730 On January 1st, the British take control of
all of Wisconsin in the
French and Indian War 1763 United States gains back
control of Wisconsin from
Britain in the War of 1812 1812 The Winnebago War breaks
out with the Ho-Chunks 1827 Iroqouis invade Sauk,
Fox, Potawatomi,
Mascouten, Kickapoo, Ottawa Europeans invade Iroqouis
and spread disease 1650-1850 Beaver trade rules
economics Europe and America Ruled for 200 years Trading posts in Prairie Du Chien, Green Bay, and LaPointe on Madeline Island Wanted beaver skin in trade for goods 1673 Jacquess Marquett and Louis Jolliet launch the first ever Wisconsin expedition Travel through the Great Lakes, and the Bay Named the Wisconsin river 1700-1730 Macouten and Fox begin
open rebellion against the French French killed 1500 people in 1712 The Battle at Lake Butte des Morts takes place in 1716 Indians were in need of French goods Indians eventually learned to increase technology 1761 The British take control over Green Bay
in the French and Indian War Only interested in fur trade Fox joined Sac tribe 1763 British take over all of Wisconsin WISCONSIN "Stream of a thousand isles" Although Wisconsin is under British control, the state is still able to join the Northwest Territory in 1787 1812-1815 The United States claims the land of Wisconsin from the British Treaty of Ghent British leave Wisconsin Burn Fort McKay In 1832, war breaks out when Sauk tribes travel through land owned by the United States 1832 1846 Wisconsin is established
as a territory, the territory includes all of Minnesota and Iowa, and parts of North and South Dakota In Madison (the capitol of then Wisconsin Territory) a convention is held where delegates help write the State Constitution 1836 Wisconsin becomes a state 1848 The Republican Party is
founded in Ripon, Wisconsin 1854 A deadly fire broke out in Peshtigo 1871 Green Bay Packers
are formed 1919 1954 Wisconsin Progressive Party
is formed Hank Aaron signs
contract with Milwaukee Brewers (Braves at the time) 1934 1827 War breaks out with the Ho-Chunks Mass-murder by Ho-Chunks United States threatens to send the U.S Army after them Ho-Chunk surrender Give up Native Americans to U.S 1832 The Black Hawk War took place when Sauk Indians crossed into United States land United States went after the Sauk Sauk gathered neighboring tribes and fought the United States Chief Black Hawk commanded war United States won the war after 4 months of war 1836 Wisconsin Territory is established in 1836 From 1836-1838, the territory includes all of Iowa, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota 1846 A convention to write the State Constitution is held Madison, Wisconsin James Duane Doty Delegates write the State Constitution Public disapprove of the first Constitution, but approve the second. The Wisconsin Constitution is the oldest Constitution outside of New England From 1838-1848, the territory includes all of Wisconsin and part of Minnesota 1848 Wisconsin becomes a state May 29th, 1848 The population of 155,000 people was more than required for statehood 1854 The Republican party is founded Ripon, Wisconsin Formed by ex-Whig party members Do not believe in slavery 1871 The Peshtigo Fire Killed over 1,500-2,500 people Deadliest Fire in the United States October 8th, 1871 1.5 million acres burned Peshtigo and Door Peninsula 1919 Earl Lambeau founds the Green Bay Packers football team Record of 13 NFL championships Gets loans and funds from the Indian Packaging Company that Earl was working at at the time 1934 The Wisconsin Progressive Party is formed Fond Du Lac, WI Phillip La Follette Robert M. La Follette, Jr. 1954 Hank Aaron signs contract with Milwaukee Brewers (then Milwaukee Braves) Thank You My live resource, Irene Hansen My Dad My Grandpa Motzart
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