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Mercedes Cao

About Mercedes Cao

Mercedes Cao

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Mercedes Cao

Mercedes Cao
Mostly cool!
Loves Elaphants
Odessy of the Mind
All About Me!
Mercedes Cao was born on December 2, 2003. She has a mother and a brother. Their names are Katie and Elijai. Her favorite sport is soccer. She goes to Charter Oak School. Her favorite football team is the 49'ners.
Her favorite color is red. Shes in 5th grade. Her favorite subject is sometimes reading and math. She plays the Saxophone. Her best friends are Drew,Namar,Da Jaun,Vivan,Josh and many more!!!!
She likes to do art.
This Me (Mercedes Cao)
My BFF is Alyssa. Acttulay were BFFEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
This is me and my fromer pug. Her name is Abby.
This is my favorite Tv show. It helps me be who
I am.
As you can see we taped more videos that we did not use than taped videos we did use.

Would you put a lot or a little expression?

We made sure we showed our expressions. Like sad, mad, scared.

This is the page with all our clips. As you can see theirs the PowerPoint that’s open right now. There's more clips above.

This is a short clip that we did not also use for our REAL movie.

Well we watch a lot of crime TV shows. So we (Mercedes and Elijai) thought that we should do a comedy crime movie.

How did we get ideas for the movie?

Our movie is about some people getting kidnapped. Theirs a detective trying to find out who is kidnapping. Then the kidnapper is a really famous person.
Watch it!

This is a clip that we deleted from the REAL movie.

What is our movie about?


This PowerPoint may contain some laughter. You may laugh.

By: Mercedes Cao
Elijai Joseph

What is the movie Kidnapped?

This is me and my brother Elijai. We made little Easter eggs.
My past Charter Oak teachers have been:
K: Mr.Foster
1st: Ms.Florence
2nd: Ms.Gomes
3rd: Ms. Kazigian
4th: Ms. Behlman, Ms. Lira and Ms. Zyzdorf
5th: Ms. Dunn
Heres a little, mini quiz.
What was the word for the M in Mercedes?
Try not to look back! :)
Answer will be at the end.
a) Master
b) Magiclly Cool
c) Mostly Cool
d) Manlly

This is Lea Michele and Cory Monteith.
My idols are Lea Michele and Cory Monteith.
Well Lea Micheles idol is Barbra Strasand.
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