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life in Britain before 1788

No description

Lucas Blashki

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of life in Britain before 1788

life in Britain before 1788 Social Changes THANK YOU FOR WATCHING In 1700s Britain was the wealthiest country in the world. If you were rich, you could give your children an education, food, fine clothes and a warm house.If you were poor you would have no money which meant no school, no food and you would have to be a servant. People started losing their jobs, money and becoming poor because the steam engine was invented. It didn't need a lot of people to run it because it was powered by coal. There was no clean water because of the pollution from the factories and the manure from the horses which attracted flies. The flies carried diseases from the manure they stood and ate from. 75% of children died before they were 5 years old because of this and the lack of medical care. Health Crime and Punishment The first fleet video THE END Alcohol was very cheap so many people got drunk from drinking a lot of it.There were harsh laws and punishments for steeling just some linen or even food so you would have to be hanged. Courts gave sentences instead of hanging. Soon the jails crowed so they sent convicts and criminals to America. The Americans didn't want Britain's convicts so they started a war named the, independents, but America won. So America choose they didn't want the convicts anymore. Britain started a new colony in Australia. They came in 11 ships with 759 convicts, 200 marines which left in 1787.
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