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mongo alvitory

on 21 June 2010

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Transcript of Rodeo

RODEO PATRICK MILNE Go Go RODEO PATRICK MILNE BAREBACK Barback horse riding is one of the most physically demanding sport in rodeo. With one arm the person riding the horse must hold onto the rawhide handhold of a riggin. If you touch the horse with the free hand while the horse is bucking, the person will be disqualified from the compitition. The differnce between novice and normal is that novice Barback has yonger riders 20 years of age and yonger and has yonger horses. The score is decided by 50% from how the rider did and 50% of how the horse bucked. SADDLE BRONC The key to saddle bronc riding is rythem.
Moving his legs in full arc from his neck to the back of the saddle.
The rider has to hold onto a braided rein connected to the haulter.
This rein is what the rider uses for balance. It is very important where the rider holds onto this rein.
If the rider holds on too short he will be pulled forward and if he holds it to long he will be thrown off the back.
Novice saddlebronc is pretty much the same except it has younger horses and riders.
TIE DOWN ROPING Tie down roping is the most technical sport in the rodeo.
Requires a strong bond between the rider and the horse.
The calf is always given a head start.
When the calf is roped,the horse must stop in a stride as the rider jumps off the horse running to the calf, flank and tie three legs.
The rider then gets on his horse and makes the time official while arena helpers untie the calf. STEER WRESTLING
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