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Intro Style Analysis Practice

Look for Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in each speakers argument. Each one uses different tactics to persuade. Recognition of basic angles of approach and appeal identification is the first step in analyzing style.

Siggy Abuel

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Intro Style Analysis Practice

The Idea Behind Style Analysis
"Man up, don't wussy out."
Don' t jump!!!
"I know pain, and this is not the answer, trust me, I've tried."
"This is Un-American, apperciate your life and liberty."
"The probability of you succeeding to eliminate yourself is low."
The pain you feel will be excruciating. Imagine your internal organs leaving your body due to external force. Undescribable pain, more painful that any psychological pain...trust me...I'm a doctor.
A potential suicide jumper ascends a ledge. A group of concerned citizens gather. They all share the same purpose...
The idea behind all their words is the same, but how they choose to wrap it up is very different.
The wrapping is style.
What can we infer about the speaker by what he says to the potential jumper?
What do you think this speaker values?
What is he trying to make the jumper feel? About his actions? About himself?
Concerned Citizen #1
Concerned Citizen #2
Concerned Citizen #3
Concerned Citizen #4
Concerned Citizen #6
What is this speaker revealing about themselves?
Why would this speaker reveal this? What motivation might they have?
What topos is this speaker using?
What loaded word(s) are being used to evoke emotion?
Why would this speaker mention their profession?
Why describe this particular piece of information?
What key words are being used to repeat the same idea?
How is this speaker approaching the situation differently?
What is this speaker ignoring that all the other speakers are utilizing?
Style is about what is wrapped around the main message and the purpose. It is the ideas we deliver with the main goal. It is about the strange way we use words to affect how people feel and see. Seperate the gist from the wrapping.
High Five for Learning!
Concerned Citizen #5
"Think of the children. We have to show them how to endure. We have to show them how to live. It's not just about you anymore."
How is this person using pronouns?
What is this person trying to impose on the jumper?
What idea is being brought up, and what intent is behind it?
Camels and Lions...
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