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Anzac day

No description

Janice .

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Anzac day

Anzac Day On the 25th of April 1915, The ANZACS (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) fought against the Turkish soldiers on the Gallipoli peninsula. The ANZACS were all volunteers and they sailed by ship to land on the Gallipoli peninsula which they had been told was a nice friendly flat beach. Instead, they found that they had landed at the incorrect position and faced steep cliffs and constant barrages of enemy fire and shelling. About 20,000 soldiers landed on that beach over the next 2 days to face a well organised, well armed large Turkish force determined to defend their country. The Turks were led by Mustafa Kemal who later became Ataturk, the leader of Modern Turkey. Thousands of Australians men died in the hours that followed the landing at the beach that came to be known as ANZAC Cove What came after was a total disaster. The ANZACS stayed in for several months and however could make little progress against the Turks. They had nowhere to go and no real hope. However they dug in persistently and took whatever the Turkish soldiers threw at them. Many thousands of ANZAC soldiers died not only from the war but from the disease brought by the poor living conditions. Eventually the ANZAC troops were withdrawn from the peninsula having accomplished nothing. The soldiers that survived went to fight on other fronts but it was at Gallipoli that the legend was born. Red Flander Poppies are traditionally placed on memorials on this day.

This event changed Australia because it was for the first time Australia had gone to war as a nation. This developed a great sense of national pride. Overall I think that this was a very brave act from the soldiers and we will always remember them. Now I'm going to test you with a quiz http://prezi.com/mzekzw4gkjx2/anzac-day-quizz/
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