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Walking With God In The Classroom- Ch 2

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Bethany Foutz

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Walking With God In The Classroom- Ch 2

Chapter Two Walking With God In The Classroom Gives us purpose in our lives
Gives us values and ethics to guide our actions (Fruits of the Spirit)
Tell us truths about life and about schools (importance of support)
The "stories" we tell in the classroom fits into God's greater story
Gives us a model for teaching through Jesus (Direct, Discussion, Experiential, Telling Stories) How does the Bible influence teaching? Artist
Shepherd Metaphors of Teaching Found in the Bible By following the metaphors above
The teacher has to exhibit the characteristics they want to see in their students
Need to know the students personally and be able to motivate them
Encourage, Recognize, Challenge
This all requires patience and stamina! Fostering a Positive Classroom Tone Treat students with respect, teach for the entire class, and do not discriminate
Present all sides of a subject, whether or not you believe that all sides are true
Responsible for student's safety
If a mistake is made, apologizing is important Ethical and Legal Concerns in Teaching Explore how the truths of the Bible can be applied today
We have hope because we know that one day God will establish His kingdom!
We must teach for that hope! Teacher as a Prophet The teacher as a... In a public school... Cannot promote any particular belief
Can guide, set tone, be a model
Can teach for hope ("good life" can lead to a better life")
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