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The Da Vinci Code

Religion 180 presentation

Leigh Arnold

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Da Vinci Code

THE DA VINCI CODE Summary Professor Robert Langdon realizes that Da Vinci hides clues in his works of art
Use Da Vinci’s clues to uncover secrets of Jesus’ life that the Catholic Church disguised
Catholic Church attempts to assassinate Langdon in order to keep the secrets from being revealed
Reactions to The Da Vinci Code Catholic reactions Apalled at the claim that Jesus was married and that she was present at the Last Supper
Outraged that the Church was portrayed as deceptive, violent, and less pure General public reactions Angry that the Bible is considered inaccurate Its inaccuracy portrays all of Christianity as false Maria Monk vs. the Da Vinci Code Anti-Catholic story Presented as fact Uses very vivid imagery Descriptions were clear and understandable Plays on Catholic stereotypes Focus on Catholic scandals and cover-ups Attempting to discredit Catholic faith Attempting to make readers question their beliefs Significance of the Da Vinci code to religion in America Catholic stereotypes are fairly stable across time
Proves that religion is still one of the cornerstones of America
Tests people’s loyalty to the beliefs of their religion
Fundamental part of American culture and values
Challenges what we’ve been taught by the Catholic Church
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