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Edmodo - Ideas for the Classroom

No description

Sian Fairley

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo - Ideas for the Classroom

Make it personal Be enthusiastic Keep it going
Of course, the group can quickly lose momentum, so try to keep the conversations going by...

posting "mini assignments" e.g. Find a website about the solar system. The first 5 to post their links earn a badge.

asking a "hot topic". Make a poll and ask students something about your current topic. Or, choose something totally random!

But don't overdo it, or it will become too much like a chore! Make it useful As we've seen, Edmodo is a great tool for sharing learning materials. Save yourself time (and hassle) by making English materials available all the time.

Sort ESL web links by topic, grammar or skill
Convert in-class PPT presentations to PDF and upload
Or, add PPT presentations to Slideshare and share the link
Upload model paragraphs and reading texts
Upload exam topic lists, verb lists, grammar charts Make it positive Edmodo is a great way to give students immediate feedback and encouragement. Even the quietest students can have a voice here!

In Edmodo you can also reward students with badges for good work, good behaviour etc. There are preset badges, but you can also create your own! How about these "awards"

Teacher Tips! Edmodo Students need to see that you think this is a worthwhile tool to use in class.
Let them know you have created this page "just for them" (they even have their own group code!)
Try to spend some time introducing it in class. Be committed If you don't use it, neither will they!
Consider making a deal with students – “I will check my Edmodo page at least once a day. If you post something late in the evening, I probably won’t see it...”.
Use email notifications to your terakki.org.tr account to stay informed. Promote it Keep the group going by making it more "visible"!

Ask students whether they want anything specific and cater to their requests.
Project the page in class from time to time to show what people have been posting.
Download the Edmodo app, and remind students to do the same!
Students like to feel that this is "their" space.
Although there should be a clear educational aim, we also need to consider whether students should also able to post freely (within reason, of course!)
After all, we're trying to emphasise the use of "social" English and we want them to use it by choice! If you have multiple classes, send messages to each class separately, not all at the same time. If you send a message to all classes, they will all be able to see each other’s replies. They really don't like this! What you can do to make it work (in theory...) Give it some attitude! Part of making Edmodo work depends on how well you can sell it to your students. But sometimes, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, for some unknown reason, it just doesn't work. In which case just move on.

Anyway, to try to prevent such a situation here are some suggestions... Now you're feeling suitably pumped about Edmodo, here are some other practical tips... Woo hoo! The Da Vinci - Creativity
The Queen Elizabeth - Great pronunciation
The Einstein - Great ideas
The Cem Yılmaz - Great sense of humour
The Mother Theresa - Being helpful Keep messages private!
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