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all about beer


taekwoo lee

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of all about beer

Beer is the world's oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage. Some of the earliest known writings refer to the production and distribution of beer. Top 20 Beer Drinking Countries BEER
Sugar source
Clarifying agent #20 Portugal
59.6 liters consumption per person
Beer in Portuguese is Cerveja #19 Canada
68.3 liters per person.
The oldest brewery in North America is located in Montreal. 'Molson's' where they have been brewing on-site since 1786. history #18 Poland
69.1 liters per person. #17 Hungary
75.3 liters per person.
Hungarians traditionally do not clink their
glasses/mugs when drinking beer. #16 New Zealand
77 liters per person.
New Zealanders are not heavy drinkers.
The average New Zealander drinks 5% less alcohol
than the average Australian Germany Britain Other countries #14 Croatia
81.2 liters per person.
Croatia is preparing to host Septemberfest,
its equivalent of Munich's Oktoberfest #13 US
81.6 liters per person.
There are more breweries in the U.S. than
any other country in the world. 1st oktoberfest

2nd Cannstatter
Volksfest #12 Spain
83.8 liters per person.
Spaniards often enjoy mass,
open-air drinking sessions called Botellons . #11 Slovakia
84.1 liters per person.
Slovakia has long been and remains an important producer of barley, the main ingredient in beer. #10 Luxembourg
84.4 liters per person.
Luxembourg is the least populated country
in the European Union, with only 465,000 inhabitants. Great British
Beer Festival

National Winter
Ales Festival #9 Finland
85 liters per person. Europe Asia Australia and
New Zealand South America #8 Denmark
89.9 liters per person.
Carlsberg and Tuborg are two of
the most famous Danish beer brands. North America #7 Belgium
93 liters per person.
Every Belgian beer has its own special glass
and that beer is supposed to be served in it.
This applies to bottled beers too. #6 UK
99 liters per person. #5 Austria
108.3 liters per person.
About half of Austrian men are overweight,
the highest rate in the EU) #4 Australia
109.9 liters per person.
Apparently the first European settlers in Australia
drank more alcohol per person than any other
community in the history of mankind. #3 Germany
115.8 liters per person.
The first Okoberfest actually began as a wedding
celebration for Crown Prince Luitpold I
and Princess Theressa of Bavaria on October 17, 1810. #2 Ireland
131.1 liters per person.
One traditional Irish cure for a hangover was to be buried up to the neck in moist river sand.
The original Guinness Brewery in Dublin has a 9,000 year lease on its property. #1 Czech Republic
156.9 liters per person.
The Czech Republic has consumed a total of 1,171,326,293 litres of beer per year.
The Czech Republic was the first country to have a beer museum, as well as the first beer brewing textbook, the first Pilsener and the first Budweiser The world's largest beer festival
A 16-18 day festival held each year in Munich
late September to the first weekend in October The 2nd largest beer festival in Germany and in Europe
Annual three-week festival in stuttgart
Its popularity increases
More and more people come from around the world Held annually in August in London
The largest beer festival in the UK Held at New Century Hall, Manchester
Designed to showcase beer styles Castle Lager
The most famous beer in South Africa Castle Lager Where does this beer comes from?! Hello~ everyone!!!

Now our presentation begins!! what do you think about this picture? beer!!!!!!!!!!! SO, We will talking about Ingredients pop quiz !! Castle Lager The most famous beer in South Africa How to make beer?! Let's try this in your home Types of beer ale Lager Differences between ale and larger 15% 85% easy~~~~ Where does this beer comes from? Victoria Bitter again
pop quiz !! LAGER? pilsner amber lager dark lager bock pale lager ALE? pale ale amber brown ale stout wheat belgian strong ale last
pop quiz !! What is the purpose of this? widget It contains small amount of nitrogen gas
It makes own white foam called 'Creamy head'
They invested 10million dollars to invent this small ball + some fun pop quizzes :) Hobart, The Tasmanian Beerfest is held on the 12th and 13th
of November 2010.

Brisbane has many small celebrations of Oktoberfest.

Sydney celebrates Oktoberfest at the German-Austrian Club

Canberra celebrates Oktoberfest at the Thoroughbred Park,

Adelaide celebrates Schuetzenfest in January at Bonython Park #15 Netherlands
79 liters per person.
The Netherlands is known for its pale lagers,
especially Heineken and Grolsch, which are exported globally.
Grolsch is the leading import lager in the UK. 1. History of beer
2. Ingredients
3. About brewing
4. Types of beer & famous beer
5. Top 20 Beer Drinking Countries
6. Beer festival In Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade Beer Fest
In Braşov, Romania, a large Beer festival
In Bruges, Belgium, BAB-bierfestival
In Copenhagen, Denmark, the big Copenhagen Beer Festival
In Karlovac, Croatia, Dani piva
In Kragujevac, Serbia, Šumadija Beer Open
In Plzeň, Czech Republic, the biggest Czech beer festival
In Prilep, Republic of Macedonia
In Tallinn, Estonia, festival Õllesummer
In Trondheim, Norway, an Oktoberfest
In Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival Hong Kong has celebrated the 3-week Oktoberfest

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has celebrated Oktoberfest

In the Philippines, the Oktoberfest is celebrated all throughout
the archipelago.

In China, the city of Qingdao holds an annual beer festival for
14 days starting in the last week of August. In the Brazilian city of Blumenau a huge Oktoberfest
is held

In Argentina, a town called Villa General Belgrano has
an Oktoberfest

In Valdivia, Chile host each summer a so-called Bierfest Toronto's Festival of Beer is held in August in the city's historic Fort York.
Montreal's Mondial de la Bière is the biggest beer festival in Canada.

In Mexico, in the cities of Puebla, Mexico City, Mazatlán and Tapachula Oktoberfest
is celebrated by the descendants of German immigrants in these cities.

The Great American Beer Festival held in Denver, Colorado
The largest and longest running beer festival in New York City is Brewtopia
: The Great World Beer Festival.
Victoria, British Columbia hosts the Great Canadian Beer Festival which started in 1993
and draws more than 7000 beer lovers every September.
In Costa Rica, every year festivities called Fiestas de Palmares are held in Palmares to raise funds.
The Oregon Brewers Festival attracts more than 60,000 each July to Portland.
Philly Beer Week is a 10-day series of beer events in Philadelphia
The Great International Beer Festival is held in Providence, Rhode Island twice annually.
The World Beer Festival has four locations through the southeastern U.S. Durham,North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia.
The Cincinnati Beer Fest takes place every September on Fountain Square
The NY Brewfest takes place annually in June on the waterfront in Manhattan. CHIMAEK
CALL?? BECKS? Real conclusion!!!!!! Let's discuss & guess the answer with your group Conclusion Blind test 1. Becks 2. Miller 3.Hoegaarden 4.Victoria Bitter Beer's taste is determined by the factors that where, when and with whom you drink!!! You never know anyway!
we strongly recommand that you
just buy any beer and eat cold!!! The answer is... ??????!!!!!! From Austrailia!! Thank you for joining our 1-day class! Because of the cooler temperatures at which lagers ferment and condition, they take much longer to develop. Homebrewers can make drinkable ales at cellar temperatures in as little as six weeks, but lagers take months to craft and usually require some sort of refrigeration. The novice homebrewer should always start out with an ale, such as pale ale, porter, or stout, which all use ale yeasts for fermentation. Yeast and Temperature Matter

Lagers are brewed with bottom fermenting yeasts at cooler temperatures and tend to be lighter and cleaner tasting.

Ales are brewed with top fermenting yeasts at warmer temperatures and tend to be more full-bodied. article from CNN Let's guess rank3 to 1 with your group! Arrange the countries

1. Germany
2. Ireland
3. Czech Republic crumble

breaks into a lot of small pieces
crush words overwhelming

powerful, overpowering
strong This video gives us 6 steps to brew beer
Guess with your group about these steps Discussion Question Discussion question Vocabulary Brew
Ferment The invention of beer made some changes in our lives.
What do you think about this??

discuss with your group!!
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