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Anne Marie

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of CHAPTER 3 Rizal

Rizal's Early Religious Formation
A scion of a Catholic clan.
Born and bred in a wholesome atmosphere of Catholicism.
Possessed of an inborn pious spirit.
Rizal at the age of three (3):
- He began to take part in the family prayers.
Jose Rizal's Early Education

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Rizal's Early Religious Formation
Rizal's Inspiration from the Parable of theMoth
Chapter Quiz
1. Who made a vow to go on pilgrimage to the Virgin of Peace and Good Voyage?
2. When did the young Rizal had a pilgrimage?
3. Where did they had their pilgrimage?
4. What is the Spanish family bible commonly called?
5. Where did Teodora graduated?
6. Who among the children of Teodora she almost
lost her life while giving birth to him/her?
7. What is Jose Rizal's religion?
8.Where did their family had a vow?
9. With whom did Rizal had a pilgrimage to Antipolo?
10. in what age did Jose Rizal he was able to read the Spanish family bible?
1. Teodora Alonso
2. June 06, 1868
4. Historia Sagrada
3. Antipolo
5. Colegio de Santa Rosa
6. Jose Rizal
7. Catholic
8. Virgin of Peace and Good Voyage
9. Francisco Mercado
10. 5
Answer Key:
RIZAL grew up a good Catholic.
a devout Catholic, taught him
the Catholic prayers
Rizal at the age of five (5):
- He was able to read haltingly the
Spansih family Bible
Go to church
Take part in novenas
Join religious procession
Father Leoncio Lopez
One of the men he esteemed and respected
in Calamba during his boyhood.
Pilgrimage to Antipolo
On June 06, 1868, Jose and his father left Calamba to go on pilgrimage to Antipolo.
- First trip of Jose Rizal across Laguna de Bay and his first pilgrimage to Antipolo.
Story of the Moth
Devoted Son of the Church.
Teodora Alonso
" See that you do not behave like the young moth. Don't be disobedient, or you may get burnt as it did"
- Teodora Alonso
And like that young moth, Jose Rizal was fated to die as a martyr for a noble idea.
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