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Nestle's Virtual Nightmare

AMN421 Contemporary Advertising Issues

Allison Grattidge

on 3 October 2011

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Transcript of Nestle's Virtual Nightmare

The Case Timeline New Media Landscape Class Discussion Conclusion New Media Defined Target Market New media encompasses the emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century. Stakeholders 1. Innovative
2. Convergent
3. Everyday
4. Appropriative
5. Networked
6. Generational
7. Global
8. Unequal The initiative is a shining example of cyber-campaigning,
and websites specialised in Internet strategy are already
treating it as a case study. Greenpeace launched a massive online campaign against
food giant Nestlé and its use of palm oil to make sweets like
the popular Kit Kat chocolate bar WHY? GreenPeace believes that rainforests are being wiped out and
replaced by palm oil plantations to feed Nestlé's demand and
thus killing the habitat of the worlds largest orangutan habitat. ' ensure the ability of the earth to
nurture life in all its diversity Gen X, Gen Y, volunteer
groups and lobbyists Wed 17 March 2010, GreenPeace launched a campaign against the company which makes Kit Kat Why did GreenPeace choose to go viral first? Let 's TALK! With a Killer Logo A clear call to action And a cute and cuddly internet star After the realease of the gruesome GreenPeace ad featuring Kit Kat, Nestle demanded that YouTube remove it, siting breach of copyright AGREED So began a media firestorm that spread across the globe
reaching millions of people in the course of a few short days Greenpeace found a new home for their video on an
alternate sharing site It attracted 78,500 views There's nothing like the threat of censorship
to get the social media masses mobilised
and word started to spread across social networks with 400 million members
is the first port of call Nestle's fan page suddenly had a lot of visitors
as negative comments flooded in
the fan page moderator became very frustrated By Friday March 19, the
issue went mainstream into
traditional media By Saturday
March 20
Just 72 hours later The blogosphere and Meanwhile, Twitter mentions went into overdrive, according to #hashtag monitor An advanced search for mentions of both nestle and greenpeace showed around 1500 in 24 hours let us do the maths for you
thats 30 Pages of tweets
with 50 tweets per page
on a single search term
on a single day
So if 50 tweets reach
then 1500 tweets have reached
540,000 but it didnt stop there while beseiging facebook
some folks decided to set up their own page meanwhile those people at Greenpeace logo deployed a new weapon All of this in just four days!! What's next ?

What about damage control?

How do we turn this media circus around to Nestle 's advantage?
Ally Grattidge
were buzzing Greenpeace encourages people to post something for
their cause online.
The campaign took a life of its own from there.
Power shift from big brands like nestle to anti-coporation
organisation like greenpeace. A Way Out Give immediate respones
on corporatate websites

Avoid platitudes. put facts

Common courtesy and manners
go a long way in any PR campaign

Do not control online users

The idea is to disslovle not inflame
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