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No description

Emma Tedeschi

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Husky

The Husky's niche is........
Usually a Husky, if not kept as a pet and lives in the wild its role would be, to usually pull and maneuver sleds. When huskies pull sleds they leave tracks behind for other animals to use.
The Siberian husky
Thank you!
-Huskies are able to withstand extreme cold because of their double layer of fur.
- Huskies tough feet allow then to run over ice and snow for a long time.
-They have a slow metabolism which allows them to not eat a lot and still pull and maneuver sleds.
1.Siberian Huskies would rather lick you than bite you.

2.Siberian Huskies thrive in both cold and warm climate.

3. They are the ,most loyal dog breed.
Thanks for watching!
All about Siberian Husky's
Husky's usually, reign around cold weather so most Siberian husky's have a natural environment of Siberia.
habitat means where a animal lives.
Animals can share the same habitat but have different niches.
Fun facts
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