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across the universe

english task

Emilly Himas

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of across the universe

the Sun across the universe The earth is planet where we live on. Earth is the only planet that has water and air that animals, plants and human beings need. So, this is that enabling there is life on the earth and not on the other planets. the Earth the Mars Saturn is a planet that consist from gases and liquid that is turning around and around. the Saturn the Jupiter Uranus’ size is four times bigger than the earth’s size.it is surrounded by 15 moons and about 11 thin rings formed by little rocks. the Uranus the Mercury MERCURY is the closest planet to the sun in the solar system. So, it is extremely hotter than the other planets. There are no water and living things those grow and live there. The mercury is slowly rotating but so fast surrounding the sun. its side surface temperature which is faced to the sun is so hot beside the other side is being dark and so cold. the Venus Size of venus is almost the same with earth. Venus is the hottest of the planet in the solar system. Because its surface is surrounded by poisoned gases. These gases absorb heat of the sun. Mars
is the fourth planet
from the sun in the solar system It is often called the red planet, Because the rocks’ color on the mars is reddish black. The Wind and storm flew the reddish dust, and makes the mars looks reddish colored from the earth. between mars and jupiter, there are so many stone chunks named asteroid. Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system.
The Jupiter even still being the biggest
although all the planets are made as one. The jupiter’s surface is surounded by thick cold cloud. Strong wind blews that thick cloud to be the colorful ribbon. It is surrounded by such rings formed by the fraction rocks that is covered by sparkling ice. the Neptune The Planet Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. It is also known as the Blue Giant. Neptune is the fourth and outermost of the gas giant planets and also has rings. Its atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium In Roman mythology Neptune was the god of the Sea. Comet is lump burning stone looked like a light line. They move so fast across the sky like a tailed star. Comet consists of ice chunks and dust that is surrounding the sun. the comet’s tail can be so long until about million kilometers. PLUTO was being the last and the smallest planet in the solar system. But now it is not, because the space researcher found that Pluto is not always rotating in its orbit so the Pluto can not called a planet. the Pluto SUN is a star. It is a glowing lump gas. It is formed by gases, mainly hydrogen. The hottest part of the sun is in the nucleus. The hot gases that overflow to the surface, form the circle gas named corona. Black flags on the surface of the sun named sun spot. Temperature in the sun spot is colder than the other surface parts. THE SOLAR SYSTEM
Planets, moons, comets, and the other space things are continuously moving surround the sun.
This batch named the solar system. There was 9 planets in the solar system, but the last one has been agreed that it’s not a planet because of some reasons. The planets are formed by rocks, liquid, metal and gas.
Distance between the planets in the solar system is about million kilometers with every each planet has its characteristics.
The sun, planets, and the moon are moving around and around like a top. The planets move surrounding the sun in its trajectory named Orbit. we are from xii social 3
annisa finy pp 5th
aqna duna ph 7th
emilly himas t 13th
we're going to... The moon is the closest space thing to the earth. Size of the moon is the quarter size of the earth. It needs a month time surrounding the earth. There is no air there so, there is no one who can live there. The moon’s surface is rocky and full of dust. There are so many holes. These holes were formed about million years ago, when super hug rocks from the space hit the moon. The moon rotates in its spindle while rotating the earth. That’s why, the moon’s surface which face to the earth is always the same side. The moon often looks changing form. It happens because we always look the moon side which is lighted by the sun. that side will change when the moon is surrounding the earth. Every 30 days, the moon looks bigger and then shrinks again. the moon thank you for your attention
good luck
God Bless You
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