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Human Trafficking

No description

Emily Larkin

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Human Trafficking

What is Human Sex Trafficking?
Modern day slavery
The illegal marketing of people for sexual exploitation.
Prostitution through force, fraud, or coercion
Includes forced work in pornography, and stripping
Inducing someone under 18 years of age
Human trafficking like racism affects target groups. Human trafficking is one way to show the targeting and lack of agency people have.
Racial and Ethnic Make-up of Victims of Human Sex Trafficking in America
90% are young women of color
New York City: Hispanic/Latina (32%), Black (30%), White (21%), Asian/Oriental (14%)
San Francisco: Asian/Oriental (52%), White (21%), Black (18%), Hispanic/Latina (17%)
Who is Targeted?
Although anyone can be a victim of sex trafficking, there are particular groups who are more vulnerable to it.
Youths constitute the most vulnerable group in the United States for becoming victims of sex trafficking
Most women in prostitution actually entered as minors. (Kotrla, 181)
Impoverished and desperate for a job.
Native American women especially are easy prey for traffickers (Deer)

Exploitation of Minorities
Immigrants from non-English speaking countries are exploited because they don't know English
Black women have to follow a script to sound more white since whites are valued more
Human Sex Trafficking and Ethnicity in America by Ed, Emily, Erica, Mustafa, and Sharon
Why is Human Sex Trafficking important in relation to race and ethnicity in America?
Methods of Recruitment
Rehabilitation of Victims
Why Does This Matter?
Traffickers target runaways
Victims may be smuggled into the US on the basis of the "American Dream"
According to a U.S. Department of Justice report, traffickers and pimps target children and youths at "bus stations, arcades, and malls, focusing on girls who appear to be runaways or without money or job skills" (Kotrla, 183)
The sexualization of the ethnic groups
The stereotypes about the sexuality of people of color
Sex trafficking helps perpetuate these sexual stereotypes
Those being trafficked are influenced by ethnosexual stereotypes
How We Did Our Research
Researched scholarly articles
Watched documentaries and informational videos
Human trafficking plays a role in the race and ethnic relations in the US
Hard to combat racism in human sex trafficking
Human sex trafficking is part of one of the unregulated parts of society
Our society has encouraged a tolerant culture that we need to combat.
Preliminary estimates have revealed that domestic trafficking is even a bigger problem than international trafficking
Women suffer from physical, verbal, and mental abuse
Bridget's Dream based in Sacramento
Polaris Project
National Human Trafficking Resource Center
Text: HELP to BeFree (233733)
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